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  1. I frequently see these carbs on Craig's or fb marketplace on 250f models with this removed. Is it the air cut valve below and right of the choke. Why is that? Mine has it on. Wondering what's up with that?
  2. I got a DID 520HV chain, seems rather wide. Like it may almost rub the casing by the front sprocket. Has anyone used this chain before on WR250? I think this is a heavy duty ATV chain maybe, it is not listed on the DID website either.
  3. diesel10

    A must read post about my WR clutch

    I think those 2 are parts numbers 13 and 14 on the OEM clutch schematic. (5NL-16383-10-00 and 5NL-16384-00-00) one is pretty expensive too.