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  1. This isn’t a bad idea but having zero commercials and getting to see the entire race from start to finish is worth the price for me.
  2. I had no problems today but I should mention I don’t use the app. I have my desktop PC hooked up to my TV and I just stream off the website.
  3. motocross

    That first moto is the only time I’ve seen Kenny ride without his wrist brace since the crash at A2. Then he went back to it Moto had to have gotten sore without it. Not to mention his stamina probably isn’t quite up to par yet. I think he’ll get stronger each round. Great to see him back!
  4. motocross

    Anyone notice Kroc didn’t wear the wrist brace in Moto 1 but now he has it on again? He also wore it in qualifying...wonder why he didn’t wear it for the first moto...
  5. On the website under your profile there is actually a ‘slider’ to turn off auto renew. This is the first year I’ve gotten it and it’s totally worth it already.
  6. Here’s my 2016
  7. Do you guys not have FS2?
  8. supercross

    I hope Tomac punts Marv straight into the outdoors.
  9. Not a big change but I put my other set of shroud graphics on. Only difference is the Monster logo...I feel it added a little color to the sides so it’s not so ‘plain.’ My whole kit and gear flows together pretty well I think. Black/White/neon yellow.
  10. You have a Rekluse auto clutch and you’re still stalling? Have you tried turning the idle up?
  11. Nothing will beat MX Simulator’s physics...probably ever. With all the user created content and skins, the game is actually pretty visually appealing also. It’s still the best MX game to date and it came out in 2007...
  12. Yes that’s the compatibility table I had seen before. Part number should be correct then...just wanted to double check. Thanks.
  13. Can someone confirm real quick if this part number is the correct one? According to HRC, this is version 1.3 which allows you to select the model/year upon installation. I’ll be using it for a 2016 450r...I would like to order tonight! My tuner will be here Wednesday! 38772-NX7-040
  14. Looks good man! Yeah the plates are retarded haha. Lots of heat and they turn out ok though!
  15. It’s definitely worth it IMO. I don’t like relying on others to put the idea I have in my head into a design for my bike. When someone else is designing graphics you can’t really count on them to take the time to make sure everything is perfect. You have to be patient though and like Fitz said almost have a design in mind. I’ve spent a lot of hours designing on Motocal. Sometimes just for fun and sometimes I buy another kit. Here’s the first set I did for the factory plastics...I prefer the black look better myself.