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  1. UPDATE: I found the problem it was the cam chain tensioner end cap When I removed it I heard the end piece fall down inside the head. The pin sizes match exactly from the post and the piece I found in the oil. Also the wear marks in a rotation so the cap on their held in with a roll pin. Anybody got any ideas other than to use a magnet on a stick and try to fish out the parts and broken pieces from the top of the cam chain tunnel It says here if parts fall down here it won’t wind up in the crank case but my little roll pin end piece got through. What’s the other option do you think I can turn the bike completely upside down and tap with a rubber mallet and hope they fall out? Help is appreciated.
  2. I inspected the top end of the motor today and found nothing out of the ordinary. I am going on a 26 mile test drive along the dirt frontage road into Moab tomorrow. I’ll report back what happens.
  3. That’s definitely the park now where do they use those in a DRZ 400 and how could it just break off at the tip without something horribly going wrong Inside the motor and have no other debris no other chunk and it’s definitely crushed. I’ve change the oil. I’ve run the motor several minutes and let it warm up since I found the part in the oil and it’s running ok.
  4. I did strain the oil and found nothing and didn’t have metal filings on the oil plug magnet besides this roll pin chunk. You would think they would be more debris by the looks of this piece. I’m leaning in the direction that this is a foreign object that somehow got in the case. Nobody else seems to recognize where this part came from internal to the motor. If this was a common failure I was hoping to hear about it through the forum and then I would know how to proceed but now I’m still guessing and I’m in the dark. Thanks for your help.
  5. Yeah that’s the proper term for that and when I found in my oriole was definitely a roll pin It’s hollow inside.
  6. Here’s a pic of the oil pump gear pin . It looks too big to me with the scale of fingers and it should be solid not a roll pin because it’s kept in the gear , no need for a roll pin Agree?
  7. I’m studying the Clymer repair manual and found this disassembly instructions for removing the camshaft and chain. Says here there’s no passage way from the top end and the bottom crank case where I found the part in the oil. To me this eliminates contamination from the top . Agree?
  8. I’m going in tomorrow morning and inspecting the top end. Look now or walk later.
  9. I would agree, it looks like a cable end but it’s interior diameter is too small to hold any cable I know of. Again I can’t eliminate contamination from my oil changing environment. I never set the oil plug down as I changed the oil and went to clean and inspect the magnet. I’m always in the habit of cleaning that before I put it back in but I’m old so you never know anymore [emoji848]
  10. Really hoping it’s not this problem. There seems to be oil circulating and the engine is quiet
  11. After a good cleaning I noticed the roll pan break I was looking for overlooked it before it was black and filled
  12. The motor runs fine it sounds OK it has power and it’s shifts fine no indication that anything is wrong.
  13. Here’s a close-up it’s definitely a roll pin of some type. Thanks for everybody’s help I’ll try consider every suggestion before I crack into the case
  14. I'm ignorant what is the TAT in where is it located?