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  1. Looks like we've got a party started . Anyone else want to join us at steamboat springs lake area for the weekend of the 4th? I'll be camping at big red park.
  2. Anybody riding steamboat springs co over the July 4th weekend? Or want to meet me there?
  3. I have a super flexible schedule and a deployable truck / bike system that I can use to camp and ride for weeks at a time. Second half of July might be the sweet spot for northern Colorado it's the one spot I haven't done much riding in
  4. I got up here around May 1 and we had a month of rain snow rain snow rain snow every hour on the hour apparently it was very unusual for this area. Wyoming to me has a very different feeling than riding in Utah or Colorado or Arizona. It seems to be seeping into my soul and creating a magnet that I won't be able to detach from.
  5. Wassssuuuppp? Guys. Off the hookup on this side of Indian River Mountains of Wyoming. Anybody from Yellowstone to Steamboat Springs want to ride anytime from now until October 30th? Here's a sample of Wyoming... Y'all come out ya here! Moto-Foto
  6. Yeah and exactly how did they do that did you get my point I want details .ha ha
  7. I'm ask'in
  8. Under Canvas
  9. Any one that was paid for in cash.
  10. Up for another little escape anyone?
  11. My turn again , Water Canyon UT Due to health reasons, locals with shotguns, I decided not to rip up this trail on my dirtbike. Nonetheless it's worth seeing..
  12. I'm ignorant what is the TAT in where is it located?
  13. Border Collie. # 1
  14. I collected for over a year and a half GPS tracks and shove them into Google Earth app on my phone I use that and aVenza maps Let me know and I can teach you the tricks I've developed where cross reference apps allow you to virtually become unable to get lost whether you're in cell phone range or not.