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  1. Actually yes, used a buddy torch to heat it up then tapped it with a mallet. Some of it did break loose, however still some would not. Didn't want to risk denting the pipe. It does work, but you have to get it pretty hot.
  2. Super nice ride man[emoji1303][emoji1303] I hear ya on the pipe blockage. Mine had literally 10 years on it before I went through it too to bottom. The old PC pipe had severe carbon buildup in the first bend. Tried everything to clear it out, with no luck. Finally just bought a new pipe. It is unreal how much better it revs now that it can breathe. Just didn't realize how much power the blockage was robbing over the years because it is a slow process.
  3. Agreed[emoji1303] biggest mistake Honda ever made was to discontinue the trusty XR's. Build like a tank, simple in design, super low maintenance, and a blast to ride.
  4. Honestly for a small bore pinger, it has a fairly throughty sound on the low to mid pull, but with any 125, when your riding her high in the RPM's she really sings[emoji1591]
  5. My old trusty 2000 YZ125. Have a RPM 139 big bore along with suspension mods, pro circuit pipe&304 shorty, and V-Force 3 reeds. Is a light weight GP weapon. Love the little smoker[emoji12]
  6. Most likely bro[emoji30]
  7. Yep, gonna have to split it and change those bearings. Also look and see where that shrapnel that scarred your cylinder came from.
  8. I agree with 2 stroke YZ doc. Scotch brite is max for a plated cylinder.
  9. I have a 2000 YZ 125 with a max power RPM 139 kit installed. Raced for 6 years and am still running the OEM crank+bearings. Have since day 1 ran Castrol 20w50 in the bottom end. Knock on wood, still tight as a drum[emoji1303]
  10. If the scoring is light (and I mean very light) you can light scuff a plated cylinder with 1000 grit and thin oil such as wd40. But, that is a touchy fix. Cylinder plating is very hard and anything deep enough to catch a fingernail is possibly enough to ruin a ring quickly.
  11. From what I can see in the video one of your main crank bearings went out. Your crank shouldn't have any free play in it whatsoever. Now that being said, yes you will need to take the bottom end down but if your lucky the crank may be ok and a new set of bearings will be all ya need. As for the cylinder, a bore job won't do it as the cylinder is plated, so either a sleeve or a re-plating job will need to be done to get it back to spec. Seems as your fuel mix ratio is good. What oil are you running in the crankcase?