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  1. keeperkid11

    2005 Cr125 Weak Power

    I agree with H4L, 120 psi is low. After I changed the top end in my 00' I was seeing around 160-170 psi. Time for a new top end 😃
  2. keeperkid11

    2005 Cr125 Weak Power

    Had the same problem with my 2000 cr125. Ended up replating cylinder and replacing top end which fixed the problem. Check out the condition of your cylinder
  3. keeperkid11


    Try to find your specific year on Ebay
  4. I have not ridden one, but it will have less torque than a 125. The low end torque on my 125 is not good, and an 85 would be even worse. Don't let that scare you off, once you hit the power band you will have enough power. Gearing it lower will help this also, lending you more mechanical torque. You could make it work. The kx80 not starting could been many things.. cracked reeds, bad inlet needle valve, or a worn top end as you mentioned. And as others have mentioned, there are always many upgrades you could do to make the bike more friendly at slow speeds.
  5. A yz125 is a race bike and thus requires a lot maintenance, likely more than you prefer. Most of the maintenance will be pretty straightforward, however costs can add up. My advice would be to look at other, less maintenance intensive options such as the crf230 you mentioned. It is more much more trail oriented than a 125, with good low end torque and a smooth powerband. 125's are hard to ride slowly, they are simply not made for it. That being said, I ride a cr125 in the woods and it works just fine. My advice is this. Save up as much money as possible, $1000 is hard to work with, especially if you decide to buy a 2 stroke. Do not buy any used bike (especially race bike) unless you are sure you can afford any surprise, sometimes very costly, repairs (I'd keep $500-$600 dollars in reserve, minimum). As you do, research trail bikes. I think they will suit your situation great. Easy to ride slower and less maintenance. If you want a 125, I don't blame you. 125's (not just yz125's) are great bikes. Quick, lightweight, and they can be made into great woods bikes with a few upgrades. With your height, a 125 would be very tall, but you could make it work. Also look into 85's if you really want a two stroke. If you go this route however, buy the nicest, best maintained bike you can. Year and brand don't matter much when you are on a tight budget, the shape of the bike is king. All of this is just my 2 cents, I'm sure others will weigh in 🙂
  6. keeperkid11

    More popular, 125 or 250?

    Yes you are right in that they have more outright power, but that comes with added weight. What we really should be concerned with is power to weight ratio, which is a much closer comparison.
  7. keeperkid11

    More popular, 125 or 250?

    You are definitely right in thinking a 125cc two stroke is just as much of a handful as a 250 four stroke. In fact, I would even go as far as saying the 250f is the tamer bike, simply due to the much more linear power of a four stroke compared to a two stroke. Also, a 125 would make almost as much power but much less torque, meaning you have to really wring them out.. but to me thats all part of the fun 😁
  8. keeperkid11

    2 smoke - which ones mix red?

    Amsoil Dominator
  9. keeperkid11

    New Exhaust

    Should come with them if its a full system
  10. keeperkid11

    are the crf150rs good?

    Going from a yz125 to a crf150 is a step down. Maybe try and lower the seat height on your yz?
  11. keeperkid11

    04 or stubborn owner?

    Pretty sure thats an 01
  12. keeperkid11


    My cr125 has the same problem. I tried all the above and I still had the same issue, so I took the cylinder to be measured and found out it was way out of spec so I sent it off to be replated. I'd suggest getting the cylinder bore measured when you replace the top end just to be sure, most shops will do it for free.
  13. keeperkid11

    cr250r gas leak

    Assuming your float height is correct, buy a carb rebuild kit and rebuild your carb, o-rings and gaskets could be shot
  14. keeperkid11

    250 or 125

    Size would be the same, 2 stroke is cheaper but 4 stroke would have a more linear powerband (easier to ride)
  15. keeperkid11

    Question about heads