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  1. keeperkid11

    New Exhaust

    Should come with them if its a full system
  2. keeperkid11

    are the crf150rs good?

    Going from a yz125 to a crf150 is a step down. Maybe try and lower the seat height on your yz?
  3. keeperkid11

    04 or stubborn owner?

    Pretty sure thats an 01
  4. keeperkid11


    My cr125 has the same problem. I tried all the above and I still had the same issue, so I took the cylinder to be measured and found out it was way out of spec so I sent it off to be replated. I'd suggest getting the cylinder bore measured when you replace the top end just to be sure, most shops will do it for free.
  5. keeperkid11

    cr250r gas leak

    Assuming your float height is correct, buy a carb rebuild kit and rebuild your carb, o-rings and gaskets could be shot
  6. keeperkid11

    250 or 125

    Size would be the same, 2 stroke is cheaper but 4 stroke would have a more linear powerband (easier to ride)
  7. keeperkid11

    Question about heads

  8. keeperkid11

    Question about heads

    Need a new head for my 2000 cr125. Was looking at some on ebay and am finding that lots of heads have “E-2” marked on them where mine is marked “E-1”. Does this mean anything?
  9. keeperkid11

    Bleeding brakes

    Same thing happened to me on my cr125. My brother got a syringe and hooked it up via tube to the bleeder valve and pulled air out with the syringe. It took a bit but I got them working great
  10. I have before, it can be done but I don’t advise it...you can’t do anything remotely sudden or else you loose traction and fall
  11. keeperkid11

    2005-2007 honda cr125 frame

    OEM anywhere
  12. keeperkid11

    Buying CR85R

    As long as its well maintained older bikes are fine. Sure, they don't have all the tech of the new bikes, but in some cases especially with two strokes some older models of bikes are actually considered better than their modern counterparts in some aspects (engine in the CR125 for example).
  13. keeperkid11

    Renthal vs pro tapper

    Cant go wrong with either. I prefer look of pro taper
  14. keeperkid11

    best vented gloves?

    MSR NXT Air if you can find them.