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  1. ryderbiker

    05 450x restoration and intro

    So the bike is finished and up for sale. I mostly ride in the woods and this thing has too much power and weight for what I’ve been riding. I think it came out pretty cool and it was fun rebuilding it.
  2. ryderbiker

    05 450x restoration and intro

    Thanks. I have access to a media blaster but I just used that on the frame. I’ve been using purple power degreaser and a bunch of elbow grease mostly. Non-chlorinated brake cleaner works well too.
  3. ryderbiker

    05 450x restoration and intro

    Works been crazy and I haven’t had much time to work on the bike. I knock out the front brake caliper rebuild tonight. It was scary trying to slow this thing down; it should work much better.
  4. ryderbiker

    OEM graphics in different colors

    Thanks. I sent him an inquiry.
  5. ryderbiker

    05 450x restoration and intro

    I got everything cleaned up and I’m working on putting it all back together. Made a little progress today. The subframe is only on to get it out of my way in the garage.
  6. I’m finishing up rebuilds on a couple of Honda’s and want to put factory style graphics back on them, but change the colors. I’ve searched and found a few companies that make stock-ish graphics but only in the factory colors. Anyone know someone who could do this, or is a local vinyl company my best bet?
  7. ryderbiker

    05 450x restoration and intro

    I pulled the motor out of the frame. It was physically harder than I anticipated from the videos I saw, but I left the the motor intact and only removed the cooling fittings. I’m media blasting all of the parts tomorrow and it should look new after.
  8. ryderbiker

    05 450x restoration and intro

    I got it torn down to just the frame and motor last night. It’s surprisingly easy to work on compared to the Harleys I’ve been wrenching on for the past 10 years.
  9. ryderbiker

    05 450x restoration and intro

    Most of the work is my labor. The difference in cost would be much higher had I have gotten a newer bike. The only thing I’m having to change that I wouldn’t with a newer bike is the bushings/bearings and cables. I would have spent at least $2k more on the bike and still be making all the changes to suspension and other items.
  10. ryderbiker

    05 450x restoration and intro

    Got started on the tear down and cleaning. There’s going to be a lot of cleaning... linkage would hardly move. Dropping the suspension off tomorrow.
  11. ryderbiker

    05 450x restoration and intro

    Hey all. I’ve been lurking for a while and have found a ton of great info here. I’m about to tear down my 05 450x and do a ground up restoration on it. The top end was just done when I bought it and it has a yoshimura exhaust and foam air filter. I don’t think anything else has been done to it. I’m planning to replace all the control cables, bearings, suspension service by endurotech, add a R cam, new wheels, tires, plastics, air box mod, and JD jet kit. I’m pretty much just trying to make the bike new again. I’ll be posting pics along the way and I’m sure all have a bunch of questions. I’ve read through the FAQs, but is there anyone anyone would suggest in addition to what I’ve mentioned changing?