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  1. So I’m in need of a new pipe for my 06 yz125 I am currently running a FMF Factory Fatty, but it’s pretty banged up. I’ve heard good things about the pro circuit platinum. I mainly do enduro style riding so wide open desert and tight single trail. I’ll be running a pc factory 304 (not the shorty) which do you think would be the best ?
  2. Is there anyway to fix ? This is the tank I have.
  3. Anybody ever notice that when they run a 3.2 gallon tank on a yz125 that it just feels like to much weight up front and you just have a super hard time pulling the front end up to either cross over a obstacle or just holding a wheelie when its filled up compared too a stock 2 gallon tank?? or is this just me...
  4. The TX300 is a mix between Moto and Enduro. It’s a great bike. Another huge difference is. The TX300 has a rev limiter. Sounds pretty good too.... my buddies 2017 is a bad ass bike I’d recommend it over the TE
  5. Hey guys what’s the Plug Gap for a 06 yz125 running a BR9ES plus ? Thank you!
  6. No i can not, it is super hard to get it into neutral, i have to rev the bike up and as soon as the rpms fall, thats when i can get into Neutral... bad shift forks or what ?
  7. Hey guys, so i have a 2006 yamaha YZ-125, I am having troubles with idle. if i am in say first or second gear at a stop, the bike will not idle with clutch pulled in i have to keep giving it gas, if I am in Neutral then there is no issue with it idling, I am running a stock carb, 420 main, 37 1/2 pilot, 1 1/2 out on air screw 4k elovation with a Red JD Jet needle 2nd clip.. i also seem to find a super hard time getting into neutral when the bike is running at a stand still if i am in first or second gear, obviously since it wont idle, i have to rev the bike up and try to jump into neutral really quick...
  8. I am getting used, my friend has a near brand new gg250 2011 with less then 100 miles, I really liked it since the first day I saw it, but my friend, him and his dad are Sherco dealers and ride for them so I would be able to get a Sherco through them, used of course but near new 2014... it’s a choice between the 2011 GG250 or the 2014 Sherco se250, I really like how the gg has a kick start, I live in the desert so summer is hot, and winter is very very cold and I’d be worried about the battery going bad due to the cold weather....
  9. Well cuz I don’t want a 4 stroke but I don’t want a ktm and there’s no husky’s near me I like.... the Yamaha yz250 has been in mind, but I want a 6 speed and I don’t want to grind the case to fit a extra gear in. I have a Yamaha YZ-125 that has been set up for enduro/desert type riding, it does it but it struggles because well it’s q yz125 and it was never built for that type of riding and with how I ride and how many times I race. I only get 30 hours on a piston....
  10. hello. I am really stuck between getting a 2011 gg 250 or a 2014 sherco se250, i am a novice rider and ride enduro/desert with a little bit of moto, i weigh around 135-140lb's and am about 5'11. I wanna know the pro's and cons of each bike and which would suite me best, i am worried i am going to get one and not like the power, way it preforms or handles, i rode a 2018 sherco sef-300 and it did not want to turn in corners at all, the front end just didn't wanna turn. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  11. I will be purchasing a turbinecore 2 for my 2006 yamaha yz125 and was wondering if there was a difference between the turbinecore 2 and the Q turbinecore? thank you.
  12. I am in need of a new bike for next 2020 enduro/desert race season. I currently ride a 2006 Yamaha YZ-125 stock motor, I race both Motocross and Enduro/desert racing. I love my yz125 but its too much stress on the motor to be racing mx and desert and its also very hard in some parts to be using a 125 mx bike. i have rode 250 2 strokes in the past and owned them as well. I am stuck between a 250 2 stroke or a 300 2 stroke and which would benefit me the best, I am not a super fast or hardcore A class enduro rider, I want something that will be able to do rocky terrain, technical stuff, hill climbs, creek bed rocky sections, and sand sections as well as wide open desert. Which would benefit me the best ? I do not have the money to afford a brand new bike so I will be trying to find a very clean bike mid 2000's maybe a little newer. thank you for the help!
  13. Hi everyone. My bike is a 1998 kx250 so today I was riding and I was hauling ass in 3rd gear and go to slow down ( still in powerband) and I pull the clutch in, and it starts reving on its own, then the revs get higher so I hit the kill switch and held it for about 2 seconds and I thought it was dead and I let go and it tried reving again so held it till the bike stopped ( put it into 2nd or 1st). this only happens when I pull the clutch in. I had plenty of gas so didn’t starve. my coolant needs to be redone soon though it’s pretty bad.. could it have Dieseled? But if so, why only with clutch pulled in ?...
  14. So I got a pair of pliers and gripped onto it and twisted till I could twist it off with my fingers. Thanks guys
  15. So I got this has can and I can not get the red cap off can someone help ?
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