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  1. Hi everyone. My bike is a 1998 kx250 so today I was riding and I was hauling ass in 3rd gear and go to slow down ( still in powerband) and I pull the clutch in, and it starts reving on its own, then the revs get higher so I hit the kill switch and held it for about 2 seconds and I thought it was dead and I let go and it tried reving again so held it till the bike stopped ( put it into 2nd or 1st). this only happens when I pull the clutch in. I had plenty of gas so didn’t starve. my coolant needs to be redone soon though it’s pretty bad.. could it have Dieseled? But if so, why only with clutch pulled in ?...
  2. So I got a pair of pliers and gripped onto it and twisted till I could twist it off with my fingers. Thanks guys
  3. So I got this has can and I can not get the red cap off can someone help ?
  4. Oh dang okay @stv1991
  5. Yeah well thank you guys so much, I’m gonna have the bike taken into a local store and see what they say about engine parts and everything.
  6. Oh okay @DEMI thank you and my bike it is a 91?
  7. @DEMIoh okay so I wouldn’t even be able to put a newer husky engine in it ?
  8. @DEMI like a new husky engine or even something off a Japanese bike like Yamaha Kawasaki or Honda ?
  9. So can i fit a new model engine in my bike’s frame? And does anyone know the exact year ?
  10. @S.O.A.N.Z is this the engine number sorry, I don’t know a lot about these things on dirtbikes...
  11. @DEMI so it’s not a 92
  12. @S.O.A.N.Z it’s not 17 digits though ?
  13. @S.O.A.N.Z where can I find the vin on my bike ?
  14. @ickfinger is it a 250 and would it be a 92?
  15. Hello I’m new here but I need help, I bought a husky 250 2 stroke and I need help I can’t determine what year or model bike it is, the kid I got it from said it’s a 92 but I feel like it’s newer, can anymore help me out ? It’s a 250 2 stroke these are a few pictures of my bike.