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  1. I loved that little track. My son won the 125 B class season champion ship in late 2000 there. Before the big 4 stroke change over. Riding a CR 125. Didn't know they shut it down!
  2. So I removed rear wheel today, bearings are shot. I guess tire is up for replacment as well. Can anyone rcommend a good tire for rear that works well on this size bike. Looking for mostly dirt but maybe a little asphalt riding as well.
  3. And finally one more of bike.
  4. Pic of chrome tip off ebay. Had to trim it down. Was for xr 600. Was oval. My pipe was rusted out on end.
  5. Motor together and running. Next time around will paint cyl. black to match.
  6. Yea that sounds great, that stuff is expensive. I might go that way, is there a setup you recommend. Have seen those on eBay in the 300 range for just cyl and piston for new stuff. Is there a big difference in the cam and carb upgrade? As far as performance. I'm sure it is. Is there somone that sells the whole setup? Thanks
  7. To late Arthur, bike up and running with a $40 cyl. off eBay. Cranked first kick. Problem is it smokes. But I expected to. Pitted cyl. with old piston. Mainly just wanted to see if bottom was good and it would ride. Now own to find a good cyl. and New piston. Replace brakes, front tire, steering head bearings, etc. Little bike sat outside in weather since bout 95. Will report back with pics.
  8. Thanks Chuck, that really clears it up. I can search for a cylinder with a lot more options. Hope to get this going soon.
  9. What was bad about 4 valve. Hope the later xr400 aren't bad. I'm looking at one seriously to buy.
  10. Ok, thanks for that quick reply. So 85 up xr or xl will not fit? Someone said after 84 the difference was color. Early ones being black and later silver.
  11. I am in need of a cylinder for this bike. Motor was stuck and cylinder is no good. Can someone tell me which of the XR cylinder's will fit this bike. If I search e-bay and others there are not many listed for XL. Thanks.