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  1. I'll see what my local shop says it'll cost, to do, but $143.73 isn't bad at all, thanks. I put it on craigslist for sale but everyone keeps low balling me, so I think I'll just fix it after all
  2. I'm just gonna keep soaking it with oil, and im gonna invest in an air hammer, see if that works, I'll be back if I have any more problems thanks
  3. Okay I'll check it out thanks for the help
  4. Just some pb blaster, I haven't for a week or two though, i've heated it up with a torch, and beat it to death but it hasnt budged
  5. Thanks man there's a crank on here, I just gotta get this swingarm bolt out and the case split and hopefully get it done, I've been looking for weeks now for one, thanks for the help
  6. I thought so, my friend said 2002 shoukd fit but I didnt think so, where do you think I should find the parts? I can keep sorting through ebay, but any part site I find doesnt have a complete bottom end or even a crankshaft
  7. Okay, so I bought this 2000 RM250, I've never done anything besides basic maintenance really, so I bought this to learn. Im not sure if im posting in the right place or not, if not forgive me, but I paid $200 for it, wasnt expecting much, he said he thought it needed carb work, but took off the top end and the piston has pock marks, and is shot, the cylinder looks clean, now the crank has play in it (vertically) so I was told the crankshaft needs replaced, on another forum, problem is I cant find a crank shaft, a complete bottom end, anything, closest I can find is a rod, and I can find top end kits all day long, also the swingarm bolt is seized, so advice on that would help also, so if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated, I found a 2002 bottom end on ebay but i'm not sure if it would work or not, but I bid on it since it was real cheap and something happened and ebay shut down my account, so any advice?