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  1. I use 10w30 Castrol but I have the famous clunky sound in gearbox, upshifting and downshift in 1º,2º and 3º gears.. Is possible fix that noise? After reading all forum I didnt find the solution. Only people who change the oil by another brand, but where I live only exist Castrol or Motul
  2. (bad English) I was cleaning my rally, and I also want clean all wheels spokes, but there are a black (thing, dirt) don't know what is, but do nothing I try with WD40 last time (also first time) I cleaned that with WD40 and result was so good, clean no issue, so this time I did the same but I can't clean, don't know if it oxide thing or something.. My rally is from December 2016.. is still new pic: don't know if pic is good quality on Tapatalk Thanks for help!
  3. No, no bend, bike is new! just 1 month old since I bought..and I used slow off road. Only 298 KM exactly, but I worried about bounce.. I'll try pressure, but I use off oad and onroad..
  4. I checked pressure and is Rear: 20-21 psi front: 18 psi is normal?
  5. Really= It has now 300KM only...I used off road only slowly because Im still learning how to ride.... I tried by onroad by 9, 10KM and I did notice about this.. Is possible pressure is bad? what pressure for rally/L? Thank you!
  6. Hello, I'm the OP of this, and sorry for off topic but today I ride onroad. At 80 Km/h the front wheel is like jumping, an oscillation up and down all the time... is normal? obviously I have stock wheels.
  7. I weight 75 KG and I tall 1,84m, I'm not muscle guy xD
  8. Some pictures, not so much, but I don't like how looks
  9. yes, I have to practice to obtain the drive license for bikes, mandatory if I want ride on asphalt of course... I just want rife safety with no scary. And if I fall is okay, but with no scary, I hate when I ride scary all the time.. WTF
  10. Hello, I'm Aitor from Canary Island. I recently bought a 250 rally in dealer Honda. After 1 week riding only on dirt roads slowly I notice maybe bikes is not for me. Not sure if I'm regret buying a bike. I'm 26 years old and I never ride a bike before, even I haven't license for ride that's because I use on dirt road. When I ride I do with scary because I think the wheel will slide over the dirt or something, I don't feel safe in it. In a curve on dirty road I don't know how turn around safely, because I think it will slide, so I go very slowly and after I accelerate very good. I dropped the bike, yes, the bike weight so much for me...I tried turn around when bike is stop, so I turn around, and I couldn't avoid the fall of bike,WHY? I felt an &%$#@! for that.. Before ride a bike, I had a LTZ 400 (quad), and I never had this problems... I runned very fast doing vraapapapapaoaoa with no scary. I can't do that with the bike, I'm very noob.. Please a recommendation how to ride a bike?...
  11. thanks you! I'll receive this bike for first time. Will be a CRF 250 RALLY, new from Honda dealer. And I read about what is the best oil for this bike. The problem I live in a small island and here only I can find Motul, Castrol, Mobil and no too much more.. And about Motul 7100 you say shifting is a bit hard. sorry for my bad English!