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  1. physx1024

    Reset ECU (check engine light on)

    In 1 October I fell down with my bike (rally), so I broke intermittens, headlight support, etc.. So yesterday parts came and I replace everything by myself, after disassembly and assembly, when I start ignition switch, engine light is ON, when after I fell down I didn't see that light on never.. after searching information about that yesterday, I didn't find something solid about that, only I see "how to turn off engine light with GROM or CBR250R" but it didn't work with my CRF This morning I went to no-official mechanic, and in front of my face, he pressed SELECT button on dash while he switch to ignition on, and VOILA, Engine light turned off! I felt like a &%$#@! and useless hahaha, because yesterday I tried even disconnecting battery for 1 hour or even jumping 2 cables (like I see on tutorial for GROM or CBR) If someone has the same error like me, just pressing hold SEL button on dash, and turn to ignition! Thanks everyone
  2. Anyone knows how to turn off the check engine light? I read about using 1 paperclip and jumping 2 cables, but I dont know how to do it.. Thanks!
  3. I notice this since I bought but I thought it was normal Well, when the engine is cold it rev normal, i can accelerate without loss power; same when is engine is warm, is normal right? When I turn on the engine after 20 min turned off, the idle is a bit irregular, is not perfect, but when I accelerate in 1st in that moment I loss power, like no fuel! but after 2 or 3 seconds of jerks bike run so great as always. The idle irregular it happened to me since bike was new, but about "no fuel" problem it happened since yesterday when I change the stock exhaust by a GPR Black Titanium (slip on). Anyone experiment this before?
  4. Hello Positron007, I read so much, you use Motul 7100, what exactly? 10W30/40/50?


    I used 10w30 but is always clunky....

    I tought switch to 40 but is very expensive and I think it will clunky anyway.

    People who use cheap oil doesnt have problems (rotella, mobil1) WTF..

    I have now Castrol Power1 10w30 semi synth....

    I hope you can help me...


    PD: you had clunky shifting before?

  5. physx1024

    I'm sick of the clunky sound of the gearbox

    I went to Honda dealer again, and I tried (not running) the experience the first video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruy2adrEpVo Was a CRF 250 L 2017 with 7 KM in odometer, and happened the same! WTF! Then is normal... The vendor told me I could try the bike tomorrow and check if has the same clunky sound as my bike! I can try CRF 250 L and Rally...
  6. physx1024

    I'm sick of the clunky sound of the gearbox

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruy2adrEpVo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdA0UdsmKGM Watch this 2 videos...same problem..
  7. Sorry for bad english.. I asked to some thumpertalk users about the clunky sound between 1st and 2nd (and sometimes 3rd), but no one fixed it. Kompact user told me about use mineral oil but im not agree to use mineral oil is this engine, so we have to find a solution of this problem. People who replace the clutch removing the judder spring don't solve the problem, but I have no clue what is causing that clunking noise.. I went to Honda dealer about this problem, and they told me that sound is normal...WTF, im still paying the bike...and they told me that, yeah I feel pissed off... I dont think is a oil related.. The first inspection/service of my bike after 1000 km (really 1400 hehe) they put me Castrol Power 1 10W30 (not Racing) , that oil is a semi syntetic, the bike run great, but after 2000 km more (3500 more or less) started the clunking sound, I thought in that moment maybe is not the correct oil.. Then I change the oil by Motul 7100 10W30 (full syntetic 100%), but no difference about clunk sound, now my bike has 4400 KM and still with same clunk sound.. I read some users with same problem, using differents oil, so oil is not the problem! Another oil can reduce the clunk sound, yeah off course, but is not the correct oil, best solution is fix the engine...but why is causing the clunk sound...that sound is ruining my fun. Im not enjoying the bike, because everytime I hear the clunk sound I hurt inside of me... What to do in this case..? The bike is a rock, I love my stock bike, I dont need mod my bike because for me is perfect.. Why for some people is clunking...and others users after so much mileage doesnt have that problem....I dont understand. Sorry for big text, cheers, Aitor!
  8. physx1024

    What brand of oil you run?

    I use 10w30 Castrol but I have the famous clunky sound in gearbox, upshifting and downshift in 1º,2º and 3º gears.. Is possible fix that noise? After reading all forum I didnt find the solution. Only people who change the oil by another brand, but where I live only exist Castrol or Motul
  9. (bad English) I was cleaning my rally, and I also want clean all wheels spokes, but there are a black (thing, dirt) don't know what is, but do nothing I try with WD40 last time (also first time) I cleaned that with WD40 and result was so good, clean no issue, so this time I did the same but I can't clean, don't know if it oxide thing or something.. My rally is from December 2016.. is still new pic: don't know if pic is good quality on Tapatalk Thanks for help!
  10. physx1024

    I dropped my bike accidentally (250 Rally)

    No, no bend, bike is new! just 1 month old since I bought..and I used slow off road. Only 298 KM exactly, but I worried about bounce.. I'll try pressure, but I use off oad and onroad..
  11. physx1024

    I dropped my bike accidentally (250 Rally)

    I checked pressure and is Rear: 20-21 psi front: 18 psi is normal?
  12. physx1024

    I dropped my bike accidentally (250 Rally)

    Really= It has now 300KM only...I used off road only slowly because Im still learning how to ride.... I tried by onroad by 9, 10KM and I did notice about this.. Is possible pressure is bad? what pressure for rally/L? Thank you!
  13. physx1024

    I dropped my bike accidentally (250 Rally)

    Hello, I'm the OP of this, and sorry for off topic but today I ride onroad. At 80 Km/h the front wheel is like jumping, an oscillation up and down all the time... is normal? obviously I have stock wheels.
  14. physx1024

    I dropped my bike accidentally (250 Rally)

    I weight 75 KG and I tall 1,84m, I'm not muscle guy xD
  15. physx1024

    I dropped my bike accidentally (250 Rally)

    Some pictures, not so much, but I don't like how looks