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  1. Bluechain

    Yz 85 missing a bolt

    Thanks , Yz Doc, just reading along and you always help people out with info and pics , I just wanted to say THANK YOU very much, Great to see there are great people still out there, just saying what I was thinking, Thanks again...
  2. Bluechain

    Xr100 finally done

    Really nice clean looking bike, looks like great workmanship, great job,
  3. Bluechain

    Black Is The New Orange!

    Your right about that, Very, Very nice indeed..
  4. Bluechain

    Black Is The New Orange!

    The new tank looks awesome on there, I think they look so good they should be stock, good choice, great looking bike for sure...
  5. Bluechain

    Andrew’s KX300 Woods Bike Build

    Really nice job , I think it turned out great, looks great even before the graffics go on, good job and nice bike...
  6. Bluechain

    2012 YZ250 woods conversion

    Nice looking ride, thanks for the pic of the old girl, My first one was a 1977,keep up the great work...
  7. Bluechain

    2012 YZ250 woods conversion

    A scrambler , awesome how she go??
  8. Bluechain

    2012 YZ250 woods conversion

    Great builds, nice jobs for sure, I saw a old yamy 650 twin in your pics, brings back some good memories, put 30,000 on a 1980 special or special 2 , old guy -can't remember, any how very nice work...
  9. Bluechain

    2005 drz 400s ignition failure

    System designed for 12-14 volts, now your bad move will cost ya, start checking everything from pickup coil to stater , reg-rectifier. good luck and why???
  10. Bluechain

    Fuse keeps blowing

    I would pull the tank and totally check things out ,I would not want to get stranded somewhere,
  11. Bluechain

    Fork oil change, soon, maybe tomorrrow

    Sounds like you know what you want to do, that should be fine for a flush, was there lots of grey metalicy oil coming out with a normal drain? Some is normal, if worried do a second flush refill and ride.
  12. Bluechain

    Moto wheels got a new personality

    Awesome looking bike, totally done up right, yes I'm jelious, very nice job, tires look awesome also, once my Shinko set are done I'm going to try a set of those. again nice ride and great job...
  13. Bluechain

    XR80R loose forks

    How bout installing a fork brace??
  14. Bluechain

    Xr100 with suspension and motor upgrades

    Really nice job, great attention to detail, me likey
  15. Bluechain

    Newbie Intro

    Welcome aboard, I have a 07 S that I run as sm a lot, love it...