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  1. Bluechain

    Made this for my son for Christmas

    Like others have said , great job and time goes fast, my son was too young to dirt with me in the 80;s now we do some road rides together, we get to go through pics and 8mil movies of them sitting on the old bikes,81YZ465,84YZ490, we get along great, enjoy your time cause it goes so fast...
  2. Bluechain

    2 stroke wet clutch sticks every day - plates look ok?

    Use a ziptie or piece of wire to hold lever pulled in when starting first thing so it warms up the oil and lubes up the clutch, hope that helps ya,...been doing that on every bike I ever had and never had a sticking problem, just my 2cts,
  3. Bluechain

    Hot cam stage 1 for xr650l honest opinion

    Nice looking bike you have, what about gearing with your sprockets to give you longer ranges before it runs out of breath,? unless I missed that you already changed them out, Just my 2 cts,
  4. Bluechain

    Whats your stand of choice?

    I got one of those craftsman stands that lifts everything, had for years, works great, and can roll all around on my clean crete floor, also have a holms lock lift for when I trailer somewhere...
  5. I always check oil and coolant before a ride and if trany is a separit item then check that also, and always tire pres,,hope that helps ya, sorry for the bad spelling..
  6. Check your fluids and tire pressures before you ride, warm up the engine before the first ride of the day and enjoy the bike,
  7. Bluechain

    Warp 9 Front Wheel Rubbing?

    Yes you will need a speedo drive, on my s I had to get a drive for a sm version, hope that helps ya,
  8. Bluechain

    Bike not leaning far enough onto kickstand

    Nice looking new ride there, you should weld a washer on the bottom of the stand so you don't have to find or bring with ya, no worries, I did it to all my bikes ,road ones also, just my 2 cts...
  9. Bluechain

    2019 KTM 300 XC-W TPI Six Days

    All I can say is WOW , very nice looking ride for sure, great job on taking the pics, no clutter clean area, very nice, congrats....
  10. Bluechain

    Drowned Ktm exc 200 advice

    From that pic its hard to tell, you could do a comp test and keep track, or if you want you could use a bore scope and go through the plug hole to actually look at it , but most scopes are bigger than the plug hole..at least the ones ive seen for cars and trks... if your comp test shows close to normal, keep a clean air filter in her and ride on...
  11. Bluechain

    Drowned Ktm exc 200 advice

    You did the correct thing as to empty all water out of exhaust ,air filter, after home, clean air filter or replace, also change oil after a hot long ride, keep an eye on gearbox oil and replace if gets cloudy again, I had a 84 yz490 that got dropped when I got on slick rocks coming out of a creek bed, and she went totally under, I did all the same as you and cleaned air filter and box after the ride and did 2 gearbox changes and never had any problems, i enjoyed the ride,...and the garage time later,.....
  12. Bluechain

    Honda CRF450L first 100 miles

    Hey Danhall, is that a duke in your pics? All the pics are awesome, you have some nice areas to ride also, don't mean to hijack but I am getting a duke...yeah hooo...
  13. Bluechain

    How does this MRD exhaust packing look?

    I repack mine every winter, roughly 1000-1500 miles, the packing burns up or gets used where the pipe enters the can the most, I pull the end cap and pack from there with a 1/2 dr extention, tightly around the core. reinstall cap and good to go....
  14. Bluechain

    Got the deal of the day yesterday...2018 DRZ400SM

    Great price on that girl ,good job..
  15. Back in the day when I assembled the top end of my yz490, I would wipe the barrel with rag with 2 cyl oil on and piston outside would be dry, always lube the bearings, never had any trouble with ring seating , bores lasted also, just my 2cts,