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  1. snagging it tonight
  2. does this BOS seem like enough info?
  3. does any one have an example of a bill of sale that is enough information
  4. so do you just not have a title then?
  5. should have mentioned their isnt a title so it would just be a bill of sale.
  6. that is good to hear
  7. from what i can see in the pictures, its in really good shape. just worried me reading all of the other forums about people buying bikes that have been sitting.
  8. is it worth the gamble at 1250?
  9. Hi, i recently found a 2002 kx250 for sale with "super low hours" the story behind it is that it has been sitting for a while (10ish years) in a barn because the previous owner had passed away, he has had it running sense then. i got the guy talked down to 1250, but as i read more about bikes sitting it seems like it could be a slippery slope. any oppions?