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  1. Oh ok cool
  2. Dude that bike is sweet Do the seats interchange from a kx250 and kx125 I wonder
  3. Lol, I wasn't sure[emoji23]
  4. Im sorry, I meant thank you to everyone, y'all are awesome
  5. And have the wheels repainted, someone painted them black and I had to scrape it all off[emoji19]
  6. I can't wait until it's done, I'm still have to strip it back down and powder coat the frame
  7. Thank you so much man helps alot and will save money I'll post a pic of the bike I'm building so y'all can see it, it's a 1994 kx125 fully rebuilt with rmz250 suspension
  8. Will you send me a link for the one for 75$ please
  9. Ok thanks man that would really help I know nothing about looking up that kind of stuff
  10. Ok thanks for the help, appreciate it
  11. Thanks, do you know which seats are compatible?
  12. What website did you go to?
  13. Lol, well I guess I'll have to keep looking, how do you look up those part numbers
  14. I don't know what to think now
  15. Thanks so much man that's great