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  1. Anybody else ever have this problem with their yz250, mine just started doing this - little blips in the idle, especially after just coming off some high rpms. It doesn't really do it when it hasnt been subjected to high rpms. Here if you turn your speakers up you can hear it doing it around the 4:10 mark in this video. Not sure if its related but when I went to warm my bike up for the ride that day it started oozing coolant from the top of the jug, come to find out the guy who owned it before me who put a new topend on it didnt tighten the head nuts properly. Luckily I had a torque wrench on me so I tightened them up proceeded with the ride. If anyone can point me towards whats causing this it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

  3. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Great stuff everyone. Here's my latest amateur hour production.
  4. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

    TMeyer, that's pretty cool. Is that a phone app that plugs into some editing software that lets you put your speed and stuff on the screen like that?
  5. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

  6. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Nice riding everyone! Really enjoyed watching all your videos. Only thing though, I've subd to all of you but so far only one person has subd me back lol. Its no big deal but remember the point of this is so everybody gets subs so if you post your channel please sub to the channels already posted. Keep them vids coming guys, so far pretty impressive.
  7. sonofabe

    Gopro editing

    What I suggest is download a free copy of ubuntu and install it side-by-side on your computer next to windows and then download openshot2 Totally free, very user friendly and quickly renders great looking videos.
  8. sonofabe

    Youtube video quality pointers

    Not in my experience. Try exporting as 4k and see how it turns out. It's worked well for me.
  9. So the idea here is - if you have a dirt bike related YouTube channel, you can post it here and get subscribers and in turn you subscribe to channels other forum members have posted. I wanna see what you all are riding and how you're riding it and I'm sure others here do too, so throw them links up. I will subscribe to every channel thats posted here. I'll go first. - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrw_CMY9iZ3lZRViNND6tAA
  10. sonofabe

    Youtube video quality pointers

    What's your channel brody? Edit: It may flop but I'm going to start a new topic on here for anyone who has a youtube channel and wants to share it and subscribe to other forum members channels. I wouldnt mind checking out everyones riding vids, I love em. I probably watch those more than anything else. My poor wife can confirm lol. I'll post the link after I create it.
  11. sonofabe

    Youtube video quality pointers

    It looks like your way is working for you, that vid you posted doesn't look bad. What about upping all 3 variables, have you ever tried that? I fart around with Adobe Premiere Pro but for simple bike vids I use OpenShot 2 (ubuntu)
  12. sonofabe

    Youtube video quality pointers

    When exporting, up the profile to 60fps 4k, or 2k and give it really high bitrate, youtube is going to compress it no matter what so the more you start out with, the more you end up with. I do like bitrate: 40-60 mb/s This alone makes it look so much better but chances are it'll still be encoded in youtube's crappy AVC codec. You really want it encoded in VP09. So to make that happen just upload the video, wait a few hours for yt to convert all your HD copys and then edit the video, go to enhancements, raise the saturation by 1 (I suspect any adjustment will do) and then save. A few hours to a few days later you're video will be in vp09 and will look great.
  13. sonofabe

    Youtube video quality pointers

    I think I finally got it figured out. Check out the quality in this one
  14. Yeah, common sense says it's probably not helping my odds riding the woods I'm gonna climb up in a tree and freeze in next season, but it's the only place I got to ride right now so just trying to gauge how bad it will hurt them. Nice job on the grouse! I got a little 410 single shot I might have to start toting when I go riding. How do carry that around with you, is there a sling I'm not seeing?