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  1. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

    I know what you mean. Another option is to record in 1080 and then post in 2.7k If your using premiere just create a 2.7k sequence then right click on the video and select "Set to Frame Size" You'll lose a couple of pixels but you'll get the vp09 codec from youtube
  2. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Also here's a tip, record and upload your videos in 2.7k or 4k and youtube will encode it in a better codec, less degradation.
  3. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Watching your vids now. 2T is definitely my drug of choice but I don't hate on 4 strokers, I see the appeal. So far you look like youre handling just fine on those tracks, keep it up!
  4. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM8ounEBZx0 The great braapenning of 2018 Still a novice rider and video editor but getting better at both. I think this is the best video I've made so far, please me know what you think. All subscribers will get a sub back. Thanks!
  5. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Just a quick video of some WOT action [YZ250]
  6. sonofabe

    What the hell is wrong with my bike

    My coolant was low, I wont be able to find out till this weekend but hopefully that will fix it. Thanks!
  7. It starts, runs, rides and idles fine until I drive it a little while and then the idle starts getting erratic as demonstrated at the 4:25 mark in this video Any ideas any one? Help or suggestions will be very much appreciated.
  8. Nvrmnd I found it. Yeah that ones almost double the price as the dual hitches but it inspires more confidence. Think I'll get it. Thanks.
  9. What kind of bike and where did you find that one? I didn't see it on etrailer.
  10. You've used one like this with a carrier?
  11. I just found one that will work for $60, I'll link it here in case anyone else ever finds themselves in this situation. https://www.amazon.com/Meyer-FHK45054-Receiver-Hitch-Extension/dp/B007448NC2 ========================================================================================= Question: What is the max tongue weight of it ? i have a 300 lb motorcycle including motorcycle carrier , so basically can i hang 300 lb from this product ? Answer: Yes I carry Yamaha TW200's and a Versahaul hitch carrier using this adapter By Fred Dettler on July 21, 2017 The manufacturer states that the tongue weight for this item is an astounding 500 lbs!
  12. Damn thats more than I paid for the carrier lol
  13. I have a motorcycle hitch carrier similar to the one below to haul my bike with my chevy venture van but it sits really low to the road and drags going up hills. I was thinking about getting a hitch riser like this one - https://www.amazon.com/MaxxHaul-70070-Dual-Hitch-Extension but it warns the top receiver is for accessories only and doesnt give a weight limit. Has anyone here ever hauled a dirt bike using these items and if so how'd it work out?
  14. sonofabe

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Bam! Hear the YZ scream!