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    Rmz 450 snow bike-timbersled

    Installed the rich plug seems to be running much better in the cold and at altitude
  2. Hey Guys, long time reader, first post. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that runs a newer RMZ as a snow bike and if they encountered any issues. I have a 2015 rmz450 with a timbersled raw120 2017. I had it out a couple times now. First and foremost a thermobob is a must with this bike. In deep pow I was running super rich and in warm up mode. Not that I have the temp sorted out, it seems that I'm running lean at altitude which seems counter intuitive being that as you increase altitude you should be running rich. There is 3 different mapping plugs with the bike. 3% rich, stock, and 3% lean. I've only tried the lean plug but will try stock and rich next time I'm out. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Thanks for your input