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  1. Austin Frank

    $3000 for a 2016??

    Yea, found out it was a typo, was a 2012
  2. Austin Frank

    $3000 for a 2016??

    So I am finally selling my 2005 Crf250r. Shopping around in my area I went to my local Honda dealer website (one of the top 50 dealers in the US, very trusted dealer with wide variety) and I noticed they have a 2016 Crf250r for $3000. Hmm. But then they also have a couple 2014s for sale ranging from 4-5000 depending on the parts they have on them. BUT it still seems really fishy that a 16 is only 3000. They don’t know how many hours are on it I already asked. What would you guys do? Could this be a Super good deal or a tradgety waiting to happen?
  3. Austin Frank

    2005 Crf250r Camshaft

    I do pretty much all of that lol I trail ride from tight corners to sweepers, I ride on all size tracks too. One thing about Iowa big assortment where I am. I think I might stay oem with all of it since I inspected my rims and found a crack in both with the rear being bent too. didn't notice until tonight! Rims aren't cheap either!
  4. Austin Frank

    Need help figuring this thing out.

    I'm lost for words. I don't know if I'm having a brain fart or something but I found this object (Seen in the picture below) on my 05 crf250. the black tube was connected to the radiator hose, one red wire to cdi and the other to the spark plug boot (the black of course to the frame). it also has 3 plugs on the end to plug into something. Can someone please help identify?
  5. Austin Frank

    05 crf250r Rims

    I am currently redoing my 2005 crf250r, I need help choosing rims. Your opinions will help me choose. should I go cheaper aftermarket (if so what brand)? or should I get new oem?
  6. Austin Frank

    2005 Crf250r Camshaft

    Sorry about that, realized I put crankshaft instead of camshaft lol
  7. Austin Frank

    2005 Crf250r Camshaft

    I would like some help choosing a camshaft, I am replacing everything in the valve train with OEM parts. should I stick with an OEM cam or aftermarket. if you say aftermarket can you give me your opinion on which to get?
  8. Austin Frank

    2005 CRF250R clutch whirling noise

    While I am busy ordering parts for my valve train that bombed, I still had one noise I have never heard before. This noise seems to be coming from inside the clutch cover. As much as I would like to describe the sound as more then a "whirling" I decided a video would work better. Any answers are well appreciated. (No I'm not switching bike brands either lol) HERE IS A LINK TO THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!