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  1. Call and ask yamaha and report back please
  2. Why are you guys exaggerating the costs? Fastlap states their fees are $350 for revalve in labor alone. Add in another spring, oil, and other misc. parts and I can't imagine it only cost another $100.
  3. Cheapest sprocket works great!
  4. Here’s a Jason Raines map for woods riding. I use this and like it.
  5. If you think it’s the bike you’re wrong
  6. I see I missed the mark on my answer. I use the same gearing on a mx track and find that the 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear get me over everything. I feel like if I went to a smaller tooth on the rear it would be too tall and lose the bottom end power out of turns and vice-versa. I’m not a MXer but I do incorporate track days for well rounded training. Take ake my words w a grain of salt.
  7. Clutch control
  8. So instead of “$450 max” what you meant was $500 bare minimum? On a second question how can you say the suspension out of the box is perfect if the front spring is a different weight than the rear? Many things you have said so far are misleading.
  9. I switched to a 49 tooth and love it. I spent too much time between 3rd and 4th gear in the woods and this makes my 3rd gear wider and 2nd gear usable.
  10. TBT Racing revalve is $460 no parts or oil include that’s above you’re $450 threshold.
  11. $450 sounds like rebuild only at front and rear. What shop do you use that revalves for $450 or better?
  12. $1k for proper suspension - is that a normal price tag? I just had my full suspension fully customized revalve and rebuild with a new rear spring for less than $700 from the most reputable guy in my area. I’m wondering if he’s really good and a deal. For curiousities sake my man is Chad at http://www.totalcontrolsuspension.com/
  13. 2017 yz250fx ready for the 2018 harescrambles race season. Will be chasing points in the 30+B class in the VCHSS series and Vet B class in the VXCS series, both in southern Virginia. I plan to race at least one Full Gas Sprint Enduro and one National Enduro as well
  14. I second getting the suspension set up for off-road. I know and have seen several people that race 250f in the woods
  15. Op please provide results