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  1. Honeybagder

    YZ250F and YZ250FX Maps: What are you running?

    This is great thank you. It also gives me a better understanding of how the mapping works. I race harescrambles in the southeast in the B class. I bought the FMF 4.1 muffler in April and since the day I bought it I've had bad race starts and a hesitation at the bottom. I was running the Jason Raines map which I'll share shortly. I used the FMF Woods map you suggest and even though I still had a bad start I did like the map better than the Raines. Possible contributing factors are I have the ktmandhusky.com fuel rail and I haven't checked the tolerances on my valves in 60 hours.
  2. I have had some fork leaking and want to top off the fork oil. The manual provides total fluid oz. Would anyone tell me what your fork oil level is from the top of the tube w no weight on the front wheel? Thanks
  3. Honeybagder

    Removing the lurch from a YZ250FX ?

    The trick is to not use 1st gear ever and use second gear sparingly...
  4. Southern VA/Northern NC harescrambler here - 6psi in mud races, 12psi in rocky races. I've gotten one flat tire in 2.5 years of racing
  5. Honeybagder

    US and NON US GYTR tuner for 2018 yz250fx

    Call and ask yamaha and report back please
  6. Honeybagder

    Yz250f to 250fx?

    Why are you guys exaggerating the costs? Fastlap states their fees are $350 for revalve in labor alone. Add in another spring, oil, and other misc. parts and I can't imagine it only cost another $100.
  7. Honeybagder

    YZ250FX Gearing for the track

    Cheapest sprocket works great!
  8. Honeybagder

    2018 YZ250fx Maps

    Here’s a Jason Raines map for woods riding. I use this and like it.
  9. Honeybagder

    07 yz250F cant keep up! Upgrades?

    If you think it’s the bike you’re wrong
  10. Honeybagder

    YZ250FX Gearing for the track

    I see I missed the mark on my answer. I use the same gearing on a mx track and find that the 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear get me over everything. I feel like if I went to a smaller tooth on the rear it would be too tall and lose the bottom end power out of turns and vice-versa. I’m not a MXer but I do incorporate track days for well rounded training. Take ake my words w a grain of salt.
  11. Honeybagder

    2015 YZ250FX stalling/flameout reduction

    Clutch control
  12. Honeybagder

    Yz250f to 250fx?

    So instead of “$450 max” what you meant was $500 bare minimum? On a second question how can you say the suspension out of the box is perfect if the front spring is a different weight than the rear? Many things you have said so far are misleading.
  13. Honeybagder

    YZ250FX Gearing for the track

    I switched to a 49 tooth and love it. I spent too much time between 3rd and 4th gear in the woods and this makes my 3rd gear wider and 2nd gear usable.
  14. Honeybagder

    Yz250f to 250fx?

    TBT Racing revalve is $460 no parts or oil include that’s above you’re $450 threshold.