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  1. I had a gasgas 300 prior to the Husky 300 I own now. I ride very gnarly tight technical terrain most of the time, so I had my bike tuned to what I thought was right (lower gearing, FMF gnarly, and lowered the ports, and increased compression). Now that I have rode the husky for a while, the power delivery on the gasgas seems way too aggressive, and the gears rev out way too quick. The 300 motorcycles already have enough torque down low to begin with, and the over rev allows me to explode over obstacles when i need to. I would only recommend a gnarly to someone who owns a 250 and needs more torque. 300's are amazing how they are.
  2. Motolife333

    Brand new damaged Husqvarna cylinder

    Well look at the bright side: their warranty doesn't mean anything anyways! Beta, GasGas, and Sherco are making great enduro bikes now. When they become more available across North America, Im sure everybody will remember how KTM treated their customers.
  3. Motolife333


    I have too many variables to say if it made a difference for me. I did vforce reeds, cut head, cut airbox, and JD Jetting kit. All at the same time. It was a totally different bike after that, but who's to say what played the most part.
  4. Motolife333


    Fair enough. This was a little too far from salvageable for me, but yours may have a better seal
  5. Motolife333


    Congrats! V force reeds are a must IMO.
  6. Motolife333

    Brand new damaged Husqvarna cylinder

    You're totally right. They couldve saved themselves tons of scrutiny by replacing it in the first place. KTM canada denied my claim. My cylinder was sent all the way from Vancouver to Quebec, so they could inspect it. The dealer gave me a piston, gasket set, and their pricing to get my cylinder replated. KTM was perticularly pissed that I posted here. They weren't giving me much feedback until i posted on here anyways. The morning following my post i recieved calls from the dealer saying KTM saw my post and they would like me to remove it. My guess is they denied me because they have hundreds if not thousands of cylinders they messed up on, and they're trying to cover up the issue.
  7. Motolife333

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Thats a great battery. Hasn't failed me yet, and going on a year. The built in electronics are perfect for retrofitting.
  8. Motolife333

    Brand new damaged Husqvarna cylinder

    Sorry that it has taken so long to respond. I was gathering as much information before I made this post. Let me start with this. KTM looked over my cylinder, and sent it back across the country. They told me there is nothing wrong with the cylinder and it is not a manufacturer defect. They also said that these types of marks are typical on their 300 cylinders and will not effect performance or reliability. They offered to put it back together and monitor it at 5 hours, which I declined. The dealer gave me a gasket set and a new piston (Maybe the old piston was taken for R&D), and gave me their pricing at Mongoose Machining I will attach a picture of the rings, which do not have any abnormal markings on them (although the pictures don't show much). There was two marks that are Deeper than the crosshatching. It was not a raised surface from leftover piston coating. The surface was very rough and not polished smooth. And I will attach more detailed photos of the marks. I showed the cylinder to Mongoose Machine when I delivered the cylinder personally, and they were surprised at how bad the marks were. They said that honing could not fix those marks, as they were too deep. They also stated that "Im surprised they told you this was ok. It will run, but not the way its suppose to, until those rings wear in, which might take a while." They also welded the top of my cylinder where there was a gouge in the o-ring seat. I also added that into my warranty claim with Husqvarna originally, but I chose to fight the more important battle. Mongoose Machine told me it was an issue. I made no mention of it to them. This is my philosophy on this. If the cylinder is worn beyond the crosshatching, then it will take hundreds of hours for that ring to seat properly. People do a top end job at 200 hours and still have crosshatching in their cylinder, so how is this going to seal properly in 5, 10 even 20 hours when its past the crosshatching. HERE IS THE MOST INTERESTING PART, and the part that made me, and the dealership understand that I had NO part in the damaging of the cylinder. A friend of a friend, who had put a deposit on a 2018 300cc Husqvarna, caught wind of my story and refused to take his bike without a proper inspection of the cylinder. They bore scoped the cylinder and realized that his bike along with two others had marks just like mine. They gave him $2000 off his motorcycle to take it as is. To the people who say I should run it, I like to have my bike in perfect order, and I hold that to an even higher standard with a BRAND NEW bike. I do not want to be bore scoping my new bike at 5 hour intervals to see if it is in the condition it should in the first place. To the believers of a hard break in, Yes cylinder pressure is important, but it also doesn't reflect in the owners manual that you need to ride the bike hard in the first 15 mins, so if I follow the instructions in the owner's manual and something goes wrong, Its Husqvarna's fault for not including that information in the bike THEY designed. A fellow private messaged me photos of his 2018 TE300, and his cylinder looked worse than mine. He messaged me the response from Millennium Technologies and it said "This is common on the KTM/Husky. It is due to a minute amount of debris getting caught in the rings." My bike never touched dirt and was never taken apart before I started It. It was started in a driveway on a damp Canadian day. The filter was oiled and there is no way debris got past the air filter into the motor. If it was debris that caused this, it had to have already been in the motor. And yes there was fine particles in the motor upon disassembly, possibly fine enough to get caught under the rings and not mark up the piston too bad. Sorry for the long post but there was lots to touch up on.
  9. Motolife333

    WD-40 :: mud shedder or attractor?

    Monkey piss should be left at the automotive store where it belongs
  10. Motolife333

    2017 KTM/HUSQVARNA Gas Cap "Is there something better?"

    Yes its the 1/4 turn cap. Im not really interested in the dry break system just yet. I just started racing so im not worried about the a few extra seconds, but the push button on the ktm is a real pain. The bike is brand new so maybe ill get used to it, ill try pulling up on the vent hose and see if thats better, if not i might remove the tabs altogether.
  11. Has anyone found a aftermarket gas cap that makes it easier to open? The OEM is going to cost me time during race season, as I have to mess with it to get it open.
  12. Motolife333

    Brand new damaged Husqvarna cylinder

    The dealership is closed over the holidays until the 6th. I won't be able to talk to them until then, and Husqvarna currently has my cylinder and piston for inspection. I will let you know if they took care of me or not
  13. Motolife333

    Brand new damaged Husqvarna cylinder

    0.2 hours equates to between 12-17 minutes. The other thread you posted above has the break in procedure from Millennium Technologies, who have plated THOUSANDS of cylinders. "let engine run at IDLE speed for 10 to 15 minutes. This will ensure proper seating of the piston rings to the cylinder walls. After the break-in period, allow the motor to cool completely and then re-torque cylinder head bolts to manufacturer specifications. After that is complete, you may proceed by following the manufacturers recommended break-in procedures." There is endless amounts of people who have began to break in their motorcycles with 15 minutes of idle time, and had no problems. These marks are deeper than they should ever be.
  14. Motolife333

    Brand new damaged Husqvarna cylinder

    Did you read the post? There is material missing from the cylinder walls causing an uneven surface that you can catch your nail on? It is not discoloration or glazing
  15. Motolife333

    Brand new damaged Husqvarna cylinder

    Here is a photo of the piston. If your presumption was correct, there would also be damage to the piston, but other than some small abrasions, the piston is like new. Also, there was no noise. If there was any performance loss from the cylinder damage, It was masked my the improper jetting from the factory. There was no circlips missing, and the only debris was fine particles.