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  1. polyniki

    MX boots recommendation

    Hello ladies! I am looking for new MX boots. I wear Leatt X-frame knee braces and I want them to fit in the boot. Do you have any recommendations for me? I would love waterproof boots. Those of you that do not have waterproof boots, what solution did you find so that your feet do not get wet? Thanks!
  2. I do not think collarbones were made to break, and even if they were, I think it is the protector's job to prevent that from happening.
  3. Hello everybody, I have a cheap neck brace (similar to EVS R2) which is really comfortable and I am happy with so far. When I try to move my head around wearing it I can see how it restrains it and would possibly prevent neck hyperextension etc. However, I recently decided to upgrade my gear and buy one of the best neck braces in the market. I tried the EVS R4K and it totally prevented me from taking my riding position, cause the rear would block my head from moving back. I was very disappointed and sent it back, and I am now looking at Atlas, Leatt and Alpinestars and 1st thing I notice is that I will need a compatible chest protector (I do not need a new one actually cause the one I have has a lot of collarbone protection, and I hardly find any chest protectors with collarbone protection) and I will not be able to wear a jersey above the neck brace, which means I will need to wash and scratch off all the dirt from the neck brace and chest protector and look like Robocop. Which makes me think I am quite happy with my cheap neck brace. Does anyone know how exactly and what makes these high-tech expensive neck braces so much better and safer than those very simple bugdet neck braces? And how do you wear them? Under chest protector on top of jersey? Thanks!
  4. Hello everybody, I am thinking of purchasing a pre-owned KTM 150 SX. A 2006 model would definetely meet my budget, but I am considering saving money for a 2016 model instead. Apart from all the advantages a newer model will bring (resell-value, not so worn-out etc), the main question for me as a hobby rider who is not interested in racing but rather in learning MX and taking the bike on a few easy trails in the woods from time to time is this: Will the newer model make any difference with regards to handling, comfort etc. to me as a novice rider, will it be easier for me to learn on, or will it not make any significant difference to a 10 years older model (apart from being a bit lighter)? Thank you!
  5. Now you reminded me of my first proudly self-bought car, a small, old budget car that I bought when I landed my first job and saved some money after a lot of effort. Anyway, it had a little indicator lamp for the oil, like all cars do. If there was not enough oil, the stupid lamp was supposed to blink. Well, the lamp was not working. A few days after I bought my first car ever, it was transfered to a recycling facility. That was one of those experiences that stay with you. Point of the story, better mix yourself.
  6. LOL, that is EXACTLY what my husband said!
  7. I think I would prefer the Freeride 250 R (2 stroke). According to the specs comparison, the Freeride is 13 pounds lighter than the XT if I am not mistaken. The new model F (4stroke) and the E are really heavy.
  8. Unavailable in Europe. I think it would have been perfect and at a very attractive price too.
  9. After reading all the responses I came to the conclusion that I will have to give a really lot of money for a bike that will still need a lot of adjustments to suit me, and that I will have to learn to handle. There is simply no model out there that combines all the features I am looking for and probably will never be, because it seems dirt bike manufacturers don't care to build an offoad-play bike for (female) amateur/hobby riders, but are only interested to sell to male performance athletes and those who would like to be like that. Actually our current KTM 125 SX is as lightweight as it gets for an adult, and in the meantime I am training on an MX track and getting better at managing its annoying 2stroke engine, so there is hope! In the end I might make this one lower to be able to ride it on a few trails as well. My husband can handle this bike in the woods just fine, so I will try to learn to do it too and save my money.
  10. These two are definetely options to consider, but I understand they are suitable for trails only, whereas I was hoping to ride both MX and enduro with a single dirt bike - as I said I am a cozy rider with no interest in competiion so I will hardly push the CRF to its limits and I think I could use it as a dual purpose bike. What is your opinion on that?
  11. Have a lot of fun on your test ride! Please do post your thoughts especially in comparison to your current bike. I can't buy both the XT and a 4stroke :-) I will arrange to try an XT as well.
  12. Thanks, I loved your pics and the info is very interesting. Did you do anything to adjust it to your height? Do you have any problems on low RPM?
  13. Thank you for the infos! The weight is a problem depending where you drop the bike, e.g. down a slope, or sometimes I am on a wrong, narrow path and have to get off and push it around to turn it back the opposite direction... Just out of curiosity, why are you considering the XT since you already have a trail bike? Do you see any advantages there in comparison to the YZF? Thank you!
  14. This makes me very curious, yes, because it sounds very different than our current 2 stroke bike. I have read some reviews and I will definetely try to find one to test drive, but I also read that KTM offers a similar bike, the Freeride 250 R, which is even more lightweight, so now I am even more confused cause I never thought I would be looking at 2 stroke adult bikes for trail riding. But so far not a single person suggested the Freeride 250 R, everyone is mentioning the Xtrainer :-)
  15. Thank you, so many people talking about that bike, it makes me curious. But at the moment I can't imagine driving a 2 stroke on trails - with my current 4 stroke bike a lot of times I ride very low RPM, sometimes downhill I even let the bike roll on its own with 1st gear, throttle completely closed, so it will stop my momentum. I can't do that with our KTM 125, it needs to be ridden agressively and the moment I slow down I need to press the clutch and rev high or it will choke (hope you understand my Greeklish). So how is the Xtrainer different? And I understand it can't be ridden on an MX track at all, right?