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  1. Jaeden Guerrero

    Should I buy a 99 ktm sx ?

    Hey y'all so my friend picked up a 99 ktm sx for next to nothing, he's gonna turn around and sell it for $1400 he ask if I wanted to buy it for $1000 I have yet to look at it in person I have a pic and from what it looks like it seems to be in good shape, what I'm wondering is $1000 worth spending on it? Are parts hard to find? Pros and cons? Anybody own a bike like this? Any feedback is much appreciated thx
  2. Jaeden Guerrero

    Expansion pipe

    Awesome man it looks like that might work thank you so much Thanks guys for the help
  3. Jaeden Guerrero

    Expansion pipe

    Thank you for directing me to that pdf I actually don't have a pipe to start with so I'm looking to get my hands on one no matter the condition but thank you for your time and effort.
  4. Jaeden Guerrero

    Expansion pipe

    And that one on eBay looks similar but I don't think its exactly the same
  5. Jaeden Guerrero

    Expansion pipe

    No part number I have some pictures of what it should look like and yeah that picture looks like the same shape where did you find that?
  6. Jaeden Guerrero

    Expansion pipe

    Hey y'all I have a rare bike that I can't find parts for it's a 1992 Husqvarna wrk 125 cc I can't find a expansion pipe for it so could I use an expansion pipe for a different bike if it fits or are all pipes uniquely made for the engine?
  7. Jaeden Guerrero

    Dirt bike identification

    Any idea where I can purchase a piston for it?
  8. Jaeden Guerrero

    Dirt bike identification

    The pic that looks like aluminum foil is a sticker,it was covering the numbers on the frame
  9. Jaeden Guerrero

    Dirt bike identification

    Hey y'all I'm new here I have a quad background so not as familiar with dirt bikes as I am with quads anyhow I am having trouble here trying to identify a dirt bike I recently pick up all I know about it is that its a husqvarna enduro 125cc 2-stoke (possibly 1991) that's missing some major components. Usually the vin is on the steering stem but all I found is a 10-digit congregation of letters and numbers which I assume is the vin but is a vin supposed to have 17 digits? Or is that for cars only? Any feedback is greatly appreciated thanks