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  1. Ok thanks I'll look into it. It's not too bad but would like to fix it sometime in near future.
  2. Looks like this
  3. I don't have that on my carb. I think I have an older drz-E carb. It looks like it's near the bottom, looks like a vertical plunger?
  4. How do you do o ring mod on fcr39? I don't see the crew under throttle wheel. It bogs when crack throttle at idle
  5. I just took carb out and cleaned it. The slide was so grey and gritty it was hanging up every other blip. Also I only took out the main bc I don't have replacement gaskets and stuff but it's a 165s. That seams a little much. Also it does the bog thing when blip throttle but I don't see the spring/screw for the oring mod.
  6. Thanks guys. I'll try that tomorrow. Your right about the jerking in at that area but also cruising around 3000 in 3rd
  7. Also I'm thinking lean or something bc I've noticed it heats up quick and the fan came on sitting in traffic the other day bout 70degrees out
  8. No idea the jets in it. You may be right about vac leak. I've had it since September and it didn't do it then I don't recall. But I oiled the KN filter and it may be causing needle slide to stick. Idk. Also I read maybe it could be throttle cables? I've had the plug out one time bout a month ago or so and it looked fine. Lol black/wet but barley. I need to run it at idle for few min then check plug bc going down the road it's good except the slight jerking. Almost like if someone was behind me with a rope tide to mike bike jerking on it ever few seconds
  9. I have a 09 Drz400sm I bought recently. It has a 434 big bore kit, stage 2 hot cams, fcr39, full yosh exh, and 3x3, I'm thinking the jetting may be off a little. It idles fine until I ride then eveytime I come to a stop it the idle hangs high for 5-10 sec. under a load it seems to pull hard and run great but at steady low- mid speeds it hiccups so slightly you almost mistake it for road bumps. I'm not sure the Jettimg in it but the guy I bought it from seemed to know his stuff. Any help would be great. Ives searched on here and almost been answered by some of the topics but I'm desperate. I don't want to hurt the bike if it's lean. Just need a point in the right direction. I'm a car mechanic and can rebuild this bike engine but inexperienced with carbs and jetting. Thanks