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  1. Mxr. 605

    Won’t start

    Yes but But the bike doesn’t run the fuel pump runs manually on 12 votes but the bike does not start undoubtably I’m not getting any signal to open a pulse the injector
  2. Mxr. 605

    Won’t start

    Took to Kawi shop, hooked to laptop, went through ecu, found 1 code intake air temp sensor, replaced it, still nothing, replaced fuel pump, it cycles with power applied to it, but does not run when I kick it over, ran test on the other sensors and such, all showing good, gear sensor, tip over sensor, so I’m looking at the capacitor or possible voltage regulator. Also I have a full shop manual.
  3. Mxr. 605

    Won’t start

    Still no luck, need help !
  4. Mxr. 605

    Won’t start

    ok thanks
  5. Mxr. 605

    Won’t start

    I have a 2012 Kx 450f, went for a ride , bike was perfect, put in garage can back 2 weeks later, now it won’t start? I put 12 volts directly to fuel pump, it runs, when I kick start it the light on handlebar just lights up solid? Looking for some help?