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  1. Quick call to someone in the shop tonight resulted in 1) they’ll call me tomorrow with more details on recommended next steps and costs and 2) the tech said my engine doesn’t have compression. I don’t know what to do but it sounds horrible and expensive. I should know more tomorrow. :(
  2. Well, I want to thank everyone for their feedback, and quick feedback at that. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how I look at it...tonight I took the bike to the shop on my trailer. Full check over (no fixes of any kind) is going to cost me $129 and I'll know what's up probably Friday or Saturday. Wish me luck and again thanks everyone...
  3. No but I wish...! I think, unfortunately, I will be taking it to the local power sport shop this week.
  4. Reservoir tank? Do you mean the tube on the bottom near the frame drain plug that has the metal filter in there? I didn’t do that yet. So far, yesterday, I drained frame, main plug on bottom of engine and what can out with the oil filter. Now I’m concerned about putting new oil in it later today! Not sure what to do.
  5. Maybe tomorrow afternoon I can try these starting techniques after I get the new oil filter and fill with oil... thank you.
  6. Oh man...such great directions and knowledge... I’m scared to try and take this on. Never worked on motors of any kind.
  7. Yes I took out dipstick today and previously but it was secure when bike was running, etc. Last checked oil when bought bike in May.
  8. back to basic's, is it getting fuel? can you smell fuel in the exhaust while cranking it on choke? *As mentioned it didn’t start so not sure, rebuilt Petcock, and now today no oil in it so can’t try starting again* does fuel coem out overflow when you lean bike over? *I don’t know, I drained all fuel out of tank when working on petcock.*. is the plug wet with fuel after repeated cranking with choke on ? *No it was not*. Does it spark with plug out grounded to head? *Yes as mentioned.*. compression *I don’t know not tested as mentioned.*, are the valves in adjustment? *I don’t know and won’t be able to test these on my own.*
  9. I have a 2007 DRZ400S. It ran and started great and I’m the middle of a ride I either stalled it or it cut out (this was probably 6 wks back and with no time it’s been in the garage since). Since that time have not been able to start it. I read pages and pages on this awesome website and for some ideas on what to do. So, now would love any ideas or suggestions. (What I am leaning towards is putting on the trailer and taking to local power sports place to repair and take care of it next week). I was concerned about fuel in my oil originally and now I’m concerned about my engine itself based on oil I (didn’t) find TODAY, please see below. Any help appreciated!!! THANKS SO MUCH. Background: I’m in WI 53189. Bought DRZ used at beginning of summer to ride with my 12 y/o son; I got him a Honda XR100R to learn on. We’ve yet to go riding together b/c of the problems with my bike. As mentioned, bike stalled out probably 6 wks back and with no time it’s been in the garage since. I don’t know much about fixing motorcycles and unfortunately don’t have much time to learn and work on them. Grew up with dirt bikes but I’m 43 so it’s been a long time! Things I’ve done: Check for air - I don’t know, air cleaner looks fine. Check spark - cut off electrode on spark plug and held to frame in the dark garage, string spark no problem there. Replaced with new spark plug. Check fuel - read lots about the bad vacume petcock situations. Yep, it had a slow leak thru tube that I found once removed from bottom of gas tank. Re-built petcock and replaced. Changed oil today (well, drained it and in-process...awaiting correct oil filter due to parts store tomorrow). *PROBLEM HERE...please see pictures, and since it doesn’t run, I knoe it’s typical and correct to warm up and get the oil up into the frame, etc) but I drained from bottom engine bolt and bottom of frame bolt, and a little from the oil filter area. (Didn’t do from the tube on bottom and the “hidden screen”, yet.) BUT, HARDLY ANY OIL DRAINED...REALLY WORRIED. Things I HAVEN’T done but maybe should (?): Check compression - didn’t do, didn’t have gauge, wasn’t sure about how, etc Carburetor - didn’t do anything here.