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  1. enduro4231

    Camaro Questions

    No way you get 35 MPG. I call BS on this one.
  2. enduro4231

    Calling all ford V10 owners!

    Oh and most V10 owners I know get 9-11 MPG, and you can expect much less due to the 40" meats, even with regearing.
  3. enduro4231

    Calling all ford V10 owners!

    5.4 V8* 6.8 V10* 7.3 Diesel V8 6.0 Diesel V8 6.4 Diesel V8* * denotes currently offered engines. 7.3 Turbo's were from 1994-2003, 6.0 from 2003-2007.
  4. enduro4231

    Grips Won't Stay Tight

    Oops! I thought the thread title said girls, not grips!!
  5. enduro4231

    Camaro Questions

    Not to mention it's a V6, which is why he claims it gets 30 MPG. Look for an LS1, or even an LT1. Buying a V6 Camaro is like buying a CRF450R with an XR400 engine.
  6. enduro4231

    Special Edition Trucks

    There are the MDK or whatever Silverado's, the Intimidator SS Silverado, and there is the Harley Davidson and Cabela's Edition Super Duty, and there used to be a Tony Stewart Edition Tundra. I'm sure there are more that I can't think of.
  7. enduro4231

    new truck {pics}

    My stainless center caps haven't reacted with the exhaust yet... Hopefully they won't. Just imagine if that Cummins' exhaust dumped in front of the rear wheel! You'd have one black rim.
  8. enduro4231

    Moded used VS newer stock

    Modded used, since they don't make brand new KX250's! Although I wouldn't mind a brand new Husaberg FE450!!
  9. enduro4231

    new truck {pics}

    IMO the best truck exhaust Magnaflow makes is the Sport Truck kit. Dual slash cut tips exiting in front of the rear wheel. Here:
  10. enduro4231

    HP Tuners

    Talk to Mike at 5StarTuning and tell him an FTE Member sent ya. He can hook you up with a great deal on an SCT tuner, and will custom make 3 different levels of tuning each catered to your specifications. You specify your engine, any modifications, what octane fuel you plan to run, desired transmission shift changes, calibration of speedo for larger tires, etc. Then he will create 3 levels of tuning based on what you requested.
  11. enduro4231

    who is this guy?

    Edit: Nevermind. DV12. The queen of goons.
  12. enduro4231

    tool question

    Since I own both, I've double checked vernier caliper measurements with my mic and vice versa. They both read the same. I think it all depends on how good of an instrument you get. Buy from a quality machinist supply company or factory direct from a brand like Starrett and the accuracy is just as good as a mic. You can get calipers in english, SI, and engineering units. That would be inches, millimeters, and 1/10 inch increments for the engineering scale. Metric calipers would be desirable for this application, but the mic would be the best tool for measuring consistency throughout the bike's bore. Ideally one would own both.
  13. enduro4231

    new truck {pics}

    Chickenhauler makes a good argument. If you want a cheap exhaust option, dump in front of the rear wheel rather than towards the ground. That way you can throw a shiny stainless tip on there for style points too. I did this on my Super Duty and it ran me ~$110 including the ~$75 cost of a stainless steel Magnaflow muffler.
  14. enduro4231

    Question for you So. Cal. guys

    When in doubt, built it stout
  15. enduro4231

    Ford F-150 Fx4

    Technically, the FX4 package only includes skidplates. The "Rancho" shocks included in the package are the exact same shock as the stock F150 4x4 shock, just painted white and branded with Rancho stickers. If you can, look for a Lariat truck rather than an FX4. You get more options and a cushier interior .