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    SM with carburetor?

    Thanks for your replies! Sounds like if I were to consider the drz or any other bike with a carb, thar I'd best ride it very often or else.... well, bad news. Regarding the wr450....it sounds perfect and I'd be happy to deal with 1000 mile oil changes. The problem is I don't see how I could get a tag for it since these are marked as ohv...I'm in fl.
  2. Kyra93

    SM with carburetor?

    I've been riding got a while now and realize dual sport and supermoto are my favorite bikes. My issue is not being very mechanically inclined. I also work a lot and end up traveling some for my job. Some people love fixing up bikes but I'm not one of them. ..more than an oil change or chain lube and I'm not wanting to deal with it. Which brings me too whether a DRZ is a good idea or not. My experiences with bikes that have carbs has not been good. Go away for work for a few weeks and the bike won't start. Same thing if the weather is bad for a while. Is this. ..normal where these bikes have to be ridden almost daily to stay in good working order? I read that ethanol in gas has made this kind of problem worse. I'd normally want something with fuel injection but my only choices among Japanese bikes that I could convert to motard are down on power. ..crf250l & wr250r. Neither would be fun above 65mph or have the power to get you out of a tight spot when you need it in a pinch. Otherwise it seems ktm or husky are the only options and those seem a bit maintenance intensive. Any suggestions?