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    DRZ400S w/ SM wheels

    Thanks. I will order some things for that now. The bolt has a little corrosion on it but it's not rusty. The guy who owned it seemed to take decent care of it, but who knows before that. I have a little work to do on it to make sure it's ready to go.

    DRZ400S w/ SM wheels

    Well the DRZ in the first picture is now mine. He fixed the rear wheel and found the oil leak. I took it for a test drive and the bike rode fine. I'm overall pretty happy with the purchase. It's not perfect but she cranks right up with zero issues. Ordered some seal savers for the front forks, fixed the scratch in the wheels with some paint, and found a new SDG seat on CL I'm going to pick up. The 2014 deal fell through because the guy didn't feel comfortable working directly with my bank to provide a copy of the title to allow me to get a loan.

    DRZ400S w/ SM wheels

    I generally inspect things myself but good idea. I may take a gauge with me if I decide to go this route buying this bike. The guy said he would take $2600 but it needs counter sprocket seal, some of the plastics are in rough shape, an aftermarket vapor was put on it before he got it but things seem to be half done, it's been dropped so things on one side are scratched, it's missing the fork guards, seat has a tear, it needs a new rear tube as a nail put a hole in the rear tire, there's a major scratch on the rear wheel, it's missing the exhaust heat shield, and minor things just had wear and tear for a 15 year old bike. Vapor has 7800 miles on it so I'd assume there is at least double on the bike. Trying to be nit picky as I'm in no rush to buy a bike, and I have enough projects already. Someone nearby has a 2014 DRZ-400Sm with 10k on it that he said he would take $4000 for. The bike appears to be very clean from the pictures and he going to shoot me over some more soon. Includes a set of Shinko 244s along with it. He said the bike has some scratches on the plastics. I think this is going to be a much better deal as it's a much newer bike in far better condition.

    DRZ400S w/ SM wheels

    This actually doesn't bother me. I want to start out with something cheap and personally all my project usually end up with mismatched parts to get what I want. If I find that I use it way more than I thought, I will upgraded to probably something much newer and get rid of this one. I don't want to make the same mistake I did with my SxS which is buying an expensive toy that sits in the garage. Thanks for all the help. I'm going to take a look at it and see if we can work out a price. This looks to be one of the cleaner bikes for sale around me. I will probably see if I can get the price down enough for me to grab some dirt wheels and be below $2900.

    DRZ400S w/ SM wheels

    I am in the Atlanta area. It's an original S model and he said the only thing that's been changed is the wheels and front forks. I'm not sure of any other information but I am going to ask now that you've said something. I don't think any engine mods have been performed. Thanks! I'm hoping I will get to use a street legal DRZ more than my YXZ1000R.

    DRZ400S w/ SM wheels

    I'm looking to purchase a good condition 2003 DRZ400S (Yellow) with SM wheels. I can't get a good grasp on what I should pay for the bike as prices in my area are all over the place. The bike looks clean but the mileage is unknown. I plan on buying a set up dirt wheels to go with it. The seller is asking $2900 but I was thinking around $2300 would be a reasonable price for the bike and just would like some additional opinions.