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  1. What are good KX 250 years? I always wanted to try a green machine.
  2. I’ve always enjoyed watching Christian Craig ride. He has a beautiful riding style and obvious speed. However, he’s never shown the deep desire to consistently win races, let alone Championships. He almost always gets great starts and battles up front, for a while. Then he fades, most commonly outdoors. He had a good run in 250SX a couple years ago, providing some of the most entertaining battles for wins I can recall. However, no Championship and almost no accomplishments since. He rides fast, for a while. Maybe he’s satisfied to know he was fast for part of a moto. Maybe he isn’t in adequate shape. Maybe he just can’t maintain the mental game to push hard long enough to finish things off. I’d like to see him win a Championship, but he’s done nothing to indicate he will. Sorry. Not a hater, but I just don’t see it.