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  1. Are you happy with the SSS? I'm sure the answer is yes. If not we can work with them to make them work as you would hope.
  2. As I said, expectations not set or met are usually the reason cc forks aren't set up correctly. Weantright is on the wavelength! As also stated, my favorite fork of all time is my marz cc fork, set up correctly for me. It's magic. I do prefer the twin chamber setup as stated above bc the performance envelope is significantly larger than either CC or OC.
  3. The twin chambers I outlined above but didn't compare to the cc so here are my thoughts on that CC - I think that it comes down to expectations. Most people I talk to are shocked when I ask them what they want to get out of their suspension. It seems like a simple question but it hangs some people up when trying to answer. The CC fork has a narrow performance envelope. An aggressive rider likes it, that's obvious. But how many of us are aggressive riders? I could make the case that twin chamber and open chamber are more suited to "most" riders. Specifically talking sachs cc I have NEVER had a Beta customer ask me to stiffen their forks via valving. Never The CC does benefit from lack of fluid cavitation which helps with consistent stroke and control but at the sacrifice of introducing some harshness. Sure, we can blow out a set of CC forks and make them crazy soft, but why? Shouldn't that rider have been on a twin or OC fork from the get go? And I absolutely love CC forks, my favorite being my Marz from a 14 Race with custom huck Valves (1 of 4 sets in the World). I still own these forks I race a 300rr in Best in the Desert, CORCs Harescrambles and RMEC Enduros. I run the twin chamber system in all disciplines bc it gives me the best of both worlds. Only making clicker and sag adjustments. That says a lot. Shock, I prefer the piston. More control. We offset with a low friction piston band to combat friction and heat in the shock. Tank for WP is offered in both bladder and piston. Bladder is good for tuners who lack the correct WP shock bleed unit such as a regular MC shop Internal parts are all MXT. No oem parts except the outer tubes are reused.
  4. John thanks for the invite on this thread. Lots of great points brought up. I'll try to stay in my wheel house as I was asked specifically about the drop ins that we commissioned The Tech to build for us. Yes, they are designed after the Lucky system which was a follow on from the Assemetrical system used during the 4cs development cycle. Yes, only for the OC sachs. It will not fit the CC Sachs. It is a Twin Chamber design (top and bottom chambers) not to be confused with Closed Cartridge which employs some sort of pressure region such as nitrogen or floating piston backed by a spring. All three systems were designed for different reasons or for OEMs that are targeting a specific customer as is the case of the OC fork and Beta. They are the "play bike" company so OC is big on their wish list to capture that segment. They also realize that CC has a home for some of their customers. We did the twin chamber version bc its the best of both worlds. We can get plush action, no harshness and killer bottoming control with this design. All the installs we have done and all the kits we have sold for customer install have had tremendous positive feedback. They do employ a subvalve to help keep the fork up in the stroke, it's speed sensitive bc of this and bc of the Huck Valve (speed sensitive bottoming control). Leaf mid valve design lends itself to a smooth transition without harness and also helps keep the bike up in the stroke. It also allows a crazy amount of tuning ability via shims and preload. The reason that there isn't much data out there directly from MXT or other suspension tuners is that it is an exclusive Enduro Spec product at this time. We may open it up to other tuners in the future. Im happy to answer any additional questions you guys may have. We are also working with MXT on a Sach shock system that includes the Huck stay tuned for that Warren