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  1. Hey Guys. Ive been reading about the Trans-Mass trail and was wondering if anyone had any idea what would be a good section of it to tackle for a good dual sport ride possibly a camp out. Where would I start? Im in Ct and just looking for ideas. Riding season is right around the corner. Thanks in advance. Jim
  2. Thanks, good Idea
  3. Ok Thumpers, I just got a 2001 CR 80 that needs a shifter shaft. I'm going to order the shaft and shifter, is there anything else I should order? Thanks Jim
  4. Thanks for all the input guys, I have purchased the 13/42 combo and I'm going to give that a try, so far I really like the bike, although its been a little cold riding in New England lol
  5. yeah im committed, its alright, im sure the woods will be fine, its still a Cadillac compared to some of the old bombers ive ripped through the woods up there. (1970 SL350, now that was a handful lol) I was just curious on street gear. Im think im going to go for the 13/42
  6. I most certainly do mind, that's harassment! just kidding, im 5 ft 10 and 165
  7. Thanks Guys, My dirt riding is going to be tight trails in the catskills New York. and my street riding will be just running downtown or a spin around the small towns up there. I don't need 60 or 70 maybe if its not totally wound out at around 50.
  8. Ok so I'm getting a CRF 250 L tomorrow and ive been looking into mods and stumbled across this thread. After riding it the first thing I thought of was a gear change because its going to be in the woods quite a bit, my question is, How does the 13/42 gear change feel on the road?