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    Lifelong interest in off road and motocross, and my passion is perfecting suspension and chassis setup.

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  1. Ken McCurdy

    2018 tm 250sx-f suspension help!

    Hi set your sag at 102mm then measure your static sag your static sag should be around 35 mm if its more than 40 mm you need a softer rear spring if its 25 mm you need a stiffer spring. On the front air pressure is very important you have to understand there is NO correlation between air pressure and spring rate, springs tend to be linear air is not the AER fork say for easy math you set your fork at 10 Bar when at full extension when it is fully compressed the pressure is 70 Bar so the rate goes up seven fold this is true regardless where the pressure is set . If you drop the pressure below 130 psi your rebound will be very slow because of the lack of force extending the fork hope this helps.
  2. Ken McCurdy

    Dal Soggio Sphere

    I can't talk about the MX Tech forks but the Sphere,s are very high quality they can be tuned to a wide range of setups. They work at a very high level rebuild parts are reasonable and easy to get very good stuff.
  3. Ken McCurdy

    Fork Dust Wipers

    SKF Mud scrapers
  4. Ken McCurdy

    2017 300xcw what rate springs?

    Hi some thoughts If you weigh 220 lbs put a camel pack on and a tool kit then your up another 10 lbs . So your bike weighs say 230 lbs you weigh 230 lbs so you have 460 lbs that has to handled. Compared to a stock bike 230 lbs and a 150 lbs rider your total is 380 lbs, so your bike has to carry 20-25 % more load . If you want the bike to react the same with you as it will with a 150 lb rider then you will need to stiffen your springs 20-25 % so a .42 fork spring with 20-25% will require a .48-.50 nm spring rate same on the rear, gotta go up 20-25 % on the spring rate.
  5. Ken McCurdy

    Dumb question - shock vs. fork design

    Hi if you take the tubes away from the fork the cartridge has a spring around the damping rod very similar to shocks with tubes on the outside that act as a structural piece, forks are much longer because they work 1 to 1 shocks work with a linkage in most cases and a swingarm as a lever . Back in the day Rodger Decoster used a shock with a swinger linkage on the front it never caught on.
  6. Thanks Terry and you are absolutely correct Happy New Year.
  7. Hi yes the shock top is made by PHM I spent a week with him in 2010 , the shock top is not intended for the new shock takes some work to make it fit .The cool thing about it is the adjusters they can be tuned for different rider wants and needs it matches up nicely with the sphere kits.
  8. Hi ya they can work much better than how they come stock, I generally build a dual adjuster shock to match the forks its a nice setup . I built these for a friend sphere Kashima coated a I know I can make the sphere and ray kits way better so I never just install them . I tune for performance I'm not looking for a little better the thing is its a very personal thing, everybody is different, thats the fun for me . Oh plus riding of course lol. I built this set for a friend Kashima , DLC , Sphere dual adjuster X trig adjuster it was a 4cs bike.
  9. Ken McCurdy

    SSS forks on a kx

    Hi the short answer is yes they can be tuned to work like or identical to the forks on the YZF or much better than either bikes come with stock. The KYB 48 fork are like an old friend , lots of go fast parts available very tuneable .
  10. Hi I agree I don't like the setting on the kits as they come, I change everything to my own setup now ,when I started working with both the Ray and the Sphere riders would want different thing out of there bikes . One size does not fit all, Dal Soggio makes nice stuff to work with .
  11. Hi just wanted to make another comment about Dal Soggio sphere and ray kits are very nice up grades the sphere is a better component they both are quality pieces the riders that purchase one of these kits and get them dialled in will be very impressed.
  12. Ken McCurdy

    2017 300xcw what rate springs?

    Hi the problem with soft springs is they mask the problem, springs should hold up and carry the load soft springs wollow especially when pushed hard valving can't carry the load like springs do . If you take a stiffer spring say a .48 NM with no preload it will feel almost like the softer .45 until you get deeper in the stroke , so if you change the mid valve so its plush the spring don't matter stiffer springs let you run lower oil height so you don't have mid stroke harshness , most tuners run 340-360 ml or more of oil when they do this it is masking soft springs with a harder air spring in the outer chamber problem is mid stroke harshess. The other thing is soft springs let the from end dive during braking if you are going through braking bumps its worse plus soft springs cause a lot of chassis movement so you can't turn until the bike settles down same is true with the rear end So if you combine stiff springs with a compliant mid valve and a stiff base valve you get a very good setup , the same is true in the rear a stiff spring with 5-7 mm of preload calms the chassis so the rider can turn sooner plus the bike squats out of corners . Springs are a neat thing that is often overlooked because they cost money they do raise the bar on performance that simply cannot be duplicated with valving many years of testing has proved this over and over the correct spring for the rider is vital end of story and softer springs cause a lot of problems. ill see if I have some video I can post to show what I'm talking about
  13. Hi thanks for the review Rob the 4cs fork in stock trim is not the best the biggest problem is, it is harsh none compliant and then it bottoms hard . I installed the ray kit in Robs forks made it plush and hard to bottom worked with these forks a lot , one of the basic problems is the 8 mm damping rod it does not displace very much oil so bottoming is an issue , WP has decided not to have adjustable base valves the ray kit addresses this and allows for a wider range of adjustments , the Ray kit turns the 4cs into a more normal fork with adjustment on both ends rebound on top compression on the bottom and guess what they really work to. On the shock I changed the shock piston revalved it as well the mods make the bike more planted they don't feel like the same machine. the only thing better than the Ray Kit is the Sphere Kit they are a true work of art and yes they out perform the KYB kitted 4cs there are lots of things that can be done to these bike that greatly increase performance .
  14. Ken McCurdy

    Spring change? Spring info needed

    Hi yes they are fairly good stock they can be made much better one of the problems with valving is everybody has an opinion and its hard to see through the fog if you like I can help just have to ask.
  15. Ken McCurdy

    2017 ktm

    Hi from watching your video I think your whole setup is way of you already know this , I think you need to back to the beginning and start over with the way it is today . Set the chassis first remember the aer forks are longer than the 4cs so you will have to set them up in the clamps 2-3 more mm than a 2016 bike , you have your sag set at 115 mm thats a lot the bike will not want to turn plus you are giving up the softest part of your travel go to 100 mm and go from there, the braking bumps you are bouncing of are quite small , I think your High speed adjuster is in to fare back it out 1/4 turn ride through the same turn and braking bumps are note how it is working differently if it is still kicking you soften more it will either get better or worse if it gets better keep going in that direction until you run out of adjustment or your bike feels the way you want it to. The front if your compression adjuster is at 5 from full hard and your forks are to hard turn it out to 20 from full hard ride it if your bottoming then go in until it stops , plus 260 ml of oil is a lot in those forks take out 20 ml at a time try to make one change at a time so you can understand what is happening good luck.