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  1. wex

    Changing piston on a TPI exc

    Alright thanks man. Yeah I always use the same oil
  2. wex

    Changing piston on a TPI exc

    I use the motorex 2 stroke low smoke oil. Is that good?
  3. wex

    KTM 2 stroke buying advice

    I have never used rekluse. Ideally I would go for a 300, its soo much more forgiving. the 250 feels more like a mx bike, as far as I know only the 2017 ktms have e starter issues. But kicking them over is no problem if you are wearing mx boots and they are warm
  4. wex

    Changing piston on a TPI exc

    I dont even know how to wheelie, whenever I ride it on the road I occasionally do a topspeed pull. But Im litterally just putting around on it 24/7, when Im on trails I barely go more then 30kmh. Im really not a great rider
  5. wex

    Changing piston on a TPI exc

    Okay thanks man! In all honesty though, do you think I can get more hours out of it? My mom bought me the bike and I’m only 17 so I dont have any income, moneys tight and I really dont want to ask my mom for any more cash
  6. So long story short, I have owned 12 bikes but I have NEVER owned them long enough to do anything else then airfilter/lube the chain. I sort of know how to change the piston on a regular bike, but is doing the job on a tpi bike different? I asked my friend to do it for me but he said that the engine looked really advanced and didnt want to put his hands on it. Im clocking 90 hours so Im thinking about changing piston soon, even though I have never ridden it above 30mph due to the terrain here
  7. With jetting and stuff to? Because I didnt get anything like that, I will call my ktm dealer
  8. So I currently have 80 hours on my 2019 exc. However after reading about older exc’s I heard about some powervalve springs, I didnt get any in my package when I bought it from my dealer. Is it not available anymore since my bike is a tpi? I’d love to mess around with the powervalve but I have no idea as to how to adjust it and I’d prefer the springs if they are available oh also, is it normal for my bike to require three kicks when cold? Even with the choke on it does this, I see my friends starting their 125’s with just one simple kick. I am kicking it over properly btw so dont worry about that, just curious if its because if the tpi. Hot it starts first kick though
  9. Id love to be legal, it is registered and insured. However i dont have the license for it yet. Need to wait till im 19
  10. Pipes dent pretty easily man. That rock dented mine on the left hand side
  11. wow man, I have actually been contemplating moving to another country for a while. Norway is really shitty when it comes to doing stuff thats out of the ordinary here, I really dont know how it could be the happiest country in the world at some point hahaha. Cause right now Im pretty bummed out that now I finally got something to ride Im met with so much resistance
  12. hahaha I will man, just got myself a brand new set of shinko 505's. Even better.
  13. Definitely dude. Imagine how many people are killed on private properties each day by dirtbikes
  14. That's a good freaking question. No disrespect, but what is your mom doing?. If I bought son a brand new bike and some as whole is denting it and assaulting my son. At the minimal the cops would be called. She knows that going to the cops is just going to cause trouble for me aswell. There isnt any help really, Im not really sure. But ofcourse she is furious, I was the one who told her not to call the cops. Because I dont want the punishment that I can get for riding it.
  15. In norway all forms of motorsport on 2 wheels is illegal unless at a certified track. Unless its registered and you have a license for it, heres the dumb part. You can litterally let a 5 year old drive a tractor the size of a small house as long as its private property. Throw a kid on a pw50? Cops are at your door.