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  1. wex

    New Piston time or let it ride?

    170 hours on my 2019 tpi now, hehe
  2. wex

    Husaberg or ktm

    welp, got it running, needed a new flywheel. Even in pulls he didnt stand much of a chance, pretty sure it would be different in sand though.
  3. wex

    Husaberg or ktm

    drives a land cruiser v8, which is like the most obnoxious car you can buy in Norway because it litterally doesnt fit on any of the roads. I know there are more important criterias, why not rather answer the question I asked? Everyone knows that dragracing doesnt mean anything, but Im curious about it because of what he said.
  4. So my friend who recently bought a husaberg fe650, swears that his bike can walk my exc 525 in a dragrace. However he is waiting for a new cylinder, he also swears this is the fastest endurobike. Seeing as im not hearing alot about this bike I really doubt what hes saying. Can anyone here confirm?
  5. wex

    Cant go straight with supermoto tyres

    This is exactly what I experienced. It was like having a super slow death wobble
  6. wex

    Cant go straight with supermoto tyres

    Do road race tires act like that? Now that you mentioned it I think his front tire is extremely worn. No thread and it litterally is a 45 degree slope from the mid to the edge of the tire
  7. Tried out my friends husaberg fs570 today, and I could not keep it straight. The bike just wanted to lean left or right, I have never ridden anything with supermoto tyres before. Is this why? I have ridden dirtbikes for years to explain it better (english is not my native language) it felt like the bike would not go straight, is this a fault with the bike or just me being dumb?
  8. wex

    fork bleed screw top broke off

    Okay. I will take it easy while I’m waiting for the easy out to arrive
  9. wex

    fork bleed screw top broke off

    Okay, so they will not break if you dont bleed them? Is it really ever necessary to bleed them? or is it just for a better feeling
  10. wex

    fork bleed screw top broke off

    Thanks man, guess I will have to order it. I havent bled the forks for 20 hours, I ride normal gravel roads mostly. I hope I wont break anything by riding it without the ability to bleed the forks
  11. wex

    fork bleed screw top broke off

    Heres a picture of it
  12. wex

    fork bleed screw top broke off

    Idk what you mean by tapping it, english isnt my native language
  13. wex

    fork bleed screw top broke off

    1 month warranty and I bought it in july sadly.
  14. Well, I was going to bleed my forks today. And when I started to screw off the bleed screw I noticed no resistance, and that was because the head of the screw came loose. No oil is leaking, but I cant get the screw itself out. I really dont want to take apart the forks and all that, I am not that handy with forks. Never even changed oil on them, so what do I do? The screw is all the way in. It's a 2019 exc 250 tpi