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  1. Id love to be legal, it is registered and insured. However i dont have the license for it yet. Need to wait till im 19
  2. Pipes dent pretty easily man. That rock dented mine on the left hand side
  3. wow man, I have actually been contemplating moving to another country for a while. Norway is really shitty when it comes to doing stuff thats out of the ordinary here, I really dont know how it could be the happiest country in the world at some point hahaha. Cause right now Im pretty bummed out that now I finally got something to ride Im met with so much resistance
  4. hahaha I will man, just got myself a brand new set of shinko 505's. Even better.
  5. Definitely dude. Imagine how many people are killed on private properties each day by dirtbikes
  6. That's a good freaking question. No disrespect, but what is your mom doing?. If I bought son a brand new bike and some as whole is denting it and assaulting my son. At the minimal the cops would be called. She knows that going to the cops is just going to cause trouble for me aswell. There isnt any help really, Im not really sure. But ofcourse she is furious, I was the one who told her not to call the cops. Because I dont want the punishment that I can get for riding it.
  7. In norway all forms of motorsport on 2 wheels is illegal unless at a certified track. Unless its registered and you have a license for it, heres the dumb part. You can litterally let a 5 year old drive a tractor the size of a small house as long as its private property. Throw a kid on a pw50? Cops are at your door.
  8. Gotta hit the road for that ;/
  9. Man this would seriously be a dream for me. We are moving soon actually, our house is sold (thats why my mom paid for my bike). Hopefully where I’ll move is further from the city and I will be able to ride in the local hills more, I’d easily say im addicted to riding the bike. I already have 40 hours on it
  10. Im banned off of the mx track due to a guy in school being mad about me riding in the woods. And saying that Im ruining the mx community, he told his dad. His dad leads the track over there, and it resulted in me being banned. He is your typical jock, he thinks hes better then everyone else. Yes I did run from the cops, for this same reason. My friend pulled over once, it resulted in him being pulled off the bike and having his radiator bent. Has to wait 2 years before he can take his drivers license and a hefty fine.
  11. But if I were to hit back, do you guys think I would have my bike taken away? If the cops got involved
  12. I will be man. I just wish more people would understand that theres worse things you could do then ride a dirtbike, I wanted one ever since I was about 7 and saw an exc 525 wheelie by my house every morning, all my friends do underage drinking. Some have gotten into weed, I havent even touched any of that. So my mom bought me both my bikes as a reward for not being a shithead. I would stop for the cops to if they realized that I’m not a dangerous criminal, however if I were to stop. They would have probably dragged me off the bike and immiedately seized it
  13. Oh and not to mention today I had the cops after me AGAIN. So im spooked for life, probably taking a week off
  14. I wanted to punch back, I went to MMA for 2 years. However whats scary is if he reports it to the police, then my dirtbike will probably get taken away from me and I will be fined and not be able to take my drivers license till im 20. Because he will bring it up