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  1. totally forgot about the CRf, my bad for not recommending that and the klx. Those things live forever, hope your grandson enjoys it
  2. What I meant was that maybe I found the RM hard to control because it had a worn out tire? English is not my native language, but I see what you mean. After test riding both I think I will need to go with the xtrainer. The CRF had an insanely long first gear, I felt like I could never let go of the clutch around the parking lot. Although I would absolutely love to own one one day, Im thinking of just selling the RM for a grand, and saving up some money and buying an older used 450r/x/rx. The xtrainer was plenty fast, it actually felt faster in certain ways. And for me the suspension was perfect. I also heard that it doesnt really lose value over time (the xtrainer) So perhaps Ill get the new RX that comes out in 2019 Another thing to note, I never realized how much the tire meant for grip.
  3. Not cool man, don’t tease me like that bruh.
  4. I fully agree with you, If the rx had the wide ratio I would choose that over the xtrainer any day. But the issue is that they wont be taking it in until july next year. I actually called them up and asked them today, so I dont think I will wait a whole year sadly
  5. Huh? Hahahaha, no. She does not care, she just wants me to not ride mainly on the roads, none of the people who own the properties here even care. I will be riding in the woods with my friends like I have done for a long time, only time the police come is if you ride on the road. In which case you just hit the gravelroads where they won’t follow, I arranged a test ride for the beta. Now I have to ask to test ride the honda, to see which one I like the best.
  6. Im litterally doing 60% open roads and 40% single track. So thats why Im thinking CRF
  7. No exc’s at the moment no, believe me I have looked.
  8. Ktm is expensive as &%$#@!. Exc 250/300 is gonna set me back 12900 dollars, and the four strokes are about 1-2 grand more.
  9. If I get the rx that is. I also said I didnt like motocross, so I’m litterally meaning maybe once a year.
  10. Never said I will do MX. I just answered the guy who asked why enduro isnt popular in Norway.
  11. Hahaha, who knows. I might hit up the track here aswell every now and then to
  12. Norway really does not do enduro, you have to run from the cops if they turn on their sirens. Even gravelroads are illegal to ride on here technically, you must have medical personell on the spot whereever you ride a dirtbike. Thats why trial is popular here, there are two beta dealers in all of norway, and we didnt get the sherco dirtbikes/beta/gasgas until 2017. People only do motocross here, and that doesnt really appeal to me. Ktm exc’s are only seen with SM tyres aswell here, so hope that gave u an insight.
  13. Haha yeah. Cant order a YZ man, they litterally dont have any in the country. This is the only enduro 450 they got atm here. Not only that but its at a sale for 3000 less then what it costs nornally. Which is a deal for me haha
  14. I will call the deslership today about the beta, they already put it together for me and I signed a paper saying I want it, however I haven’t given them the money yet because the money doesnt arrive until a week. I hope they will let me walk away and order a crf450rx at another dealer. I think its weird if they wont let me, considering the fact they can just sell it to someone else
  15. Completely honest, I really want the CRF. Thats what Im thinking because I have made several other choices where I know something is better for me but I really want something else, and that feeling sucks.