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  1. Thx guys, So , gasket kit A & B will cover the whole engine?
  2. Hey guys, I will need to purchase a gasket set for my CRF230 engine. What gasket set do you guys like to use? I am thinking they are pretty much close to the same, but would like to know what you guys use. What is a good price? Thanks
  3. Thank you for your specs & dimentions.
  4. Thank you for the link.
  5. Hey guys, I am going to need to make an exhaust sytem for my CRF230 engine. I am going to run a big bore piston & 69 MM 12:1 compression and a Terry Miller cam 72/14 grind on wider centerlines. The engine is going into a YSR 50 bike. Street use. The head pipe I currently have is 1" ID, seems a bit small. Should I start with a 1.25 OD headpipe, step up to 1.375" then another step to 1.5" ? My muffer is 1.5" ID I do not know where the steps should be placed, (how long for head, mid, & tail sections? Any help much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Need pics
  7. I will. I just need more time to work on it.
  8. Thanks guys
  9. Hey guys, I am installing a CRF230 engine into a different chassis. Can any of you take a pic/s of your cylinder head upper engine mount? Thanks.
  10. I might have been mistaken. I forgot what size a stock CB 125 sprocket is. Those are the ones I ground down, those were too wide to fit a 420. I tried a CB125 sprocket on the CRF230 engine & it was close to fitting but it did not fit. It might just need a bit of filing?
  11. Hi guys, I am trying find a 420 front sprocket for my CRF230 engine. I contacted a couple sprocket companies & they said they do not have it. What I have been doing in the past is grinding the 520 sprockets thinner @ the teeth section & they work, but I would like to be able to find one if they are available. Any ideas? Thank you
  12. If you don't use gasket material, I am a big fan of Hylomar. Works great, oil resistant and fuel resistant. Been using it for years on airplanes & when I used to race 2 strokes. example:
  13. I will post a pic when I get a chance to. I plan on making one for my intake manifold I am going to make.
  14. Do you you guys know if the XR/XL 200 rocker arms are a direct bolt in to a 230 engine? I might want to install a manual decompression set-up, factory style.
  15. I believe the divider is to make the port window small at part throttle to create more low end torque.