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  1. Jan Larsson

    Stage 1 Kit MPG Issue

    Green on 2 is perfect for me, lower I loose power, higher it runs rich and easly stalls... The settings I use gives me 200km between fillups, and yes my rear tire is on it's last leg..but could be because I mostly use the bike on loose gravel..
  2. Jan Larsson

    Gas Mileage CRF250L

    I get 200km out of every tank, still with around 1.5L left, on my 2017. That is with EJK, slip-on and bigger snorkel and K&N. Love this bike !
  3. Jan Larsson

    2017 model + mods = worth it?

    And you have no stalling ? I tried up and down, and dialing down the greenzone is a must or I end up with trouble on cold starts, and random stalling while riding... Maybe it depends on where you are...I'm at sea level.
  4. Jan Larsson

    2017 model + mods = worth it?

    Oem gearing is 14-40 as far as I know....
  5. Jan Larsson

    2017 model + mods = worth it?

    Good question, I did the Arrow slipon and airbox,K&N at the same time, changed throttle response but felt like I lost higher up in the revrange..so after one testdrive I ordered the EJK, that gave the other mods that extra punch that I wanted. So I really can't say what mod gave the most..but the combo is really impressive...must add that the EJK needed some changing before it felt good..after install with the settings from Dobeck, the engine stalled and was running too rich.
  6. Jan Larsson

    2017 model + mods = worth it?

    Funny, I feel exactly the same way as the original poster...the bike feels really good with the upgrades and I'm still on stock gearing. People who belive that upgrading the 2017 is pointless, don't know what they are talking about ! The extra money on mods are VERY well spent for the 2017 !
  7. Jan Larsson

    Best 2017 CRF250L EJK settings ?

    I run the same numbers as you do X24200...had to lower the greenzone.. it was running too rich and stalled just like it was said earlier. Runs pretty good like this BTW Finally I learned where my skidplate and rack came from