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  1. Meant to say decided on this one lol
  2. Ya agreed I decided rock go with this one from moose it’s a nylon screen just like the one on petcock
  3. Can’t say I agree with that
  4. Interesting set up
  5. So I am going to put in an in-line fuel filter just for added protection from stuff in my gas .... and I have always used bronze element cone ones you no what I’m talking about the ones everyone seems to use but upon reading online supposedly that bronze element breaks down and doesn’t catch everything .... I have came across a moose fuel filter that has a fine nylon mesh just like what’s on the petcock filter ... any opinions on which is better ? Bronze element or mesh ?
  6. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😋
  7. Thanks guys ! Thanks diver appreciate you always answering my questions promptly much appreciated!
  8. I am currently running 10w 40 Belray non synthetic and I want to switch to full synthetic amsoil .... is it ok to switch from regular to synthetic? I have read it’s not safe to go from synthetic to regular can someone explain if it’s safe to go from regular to synthetic!? Thanks !
  9. Pingel is big money though
  10. Put a little inline fuel shut off just in case
  11. Can we let this thread die PLEASE LOL
  12. Maybe the guy at that taco joint can tell ya
  13. Douche lol
  14. I agree I go a little over the top that’s for sure thanks brotha ! Take care