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  1. Thank you everyone for the input it’s greatly appreciated looking to do this soon
  2. Because at the moment I have my suspension set up super firm almost compressed all the way down due to me being 250 I’m sure this is bad for the spring putting all that pressure on it
  3. So let me get this correct , you are saying just to leave the stock shock in there although I am above the specified weight of the stock shock ?
  4. Awesome thanks 🙏
  5. Thank you for the input!
  6. Mostly dirt , heavy woops .... I’m 250 lbs the stock spring is only made for a 180 lb guy as I’m sure you no I never did aftermarket shocks should I rebuild or get a new one more specific for my weight ?
  7. Hey all , looking to get a more heavy duty aftermarket rear shock for my weight lol anyone recommend some different brands ?? Also any one changed theirs already ?
  8. They do .... its just odd for that much oil to go missing regardless of weight ... this was the first oil change draining the full synth not sure how this can happen I mean that’s a lot of oil to burn
  9. 10 40 amsoil full synth
  10. Yes ... it never happened until this third oil change like I said I have been ripping it at like 90 for long periods of time for the first time ever not sure if that has something to do with it
  11. Let me re word , last oil change I put in 1.9 liters as I usually do , and when I drained the oil this time I only drained 1.5 liters ... normally I drain almost the same amount as I put in but not this time ..... I have been running the bike at much higher rates of speed and for longer periods of time not sure if that has something to do with it.
  12. Hey everyone so I did my third oil change on my 2017 drz400s never had any problems until now..... I went from normal to synthetic this time and noticed after draining my oil I was almost half a quart low ? Anyone have input ? I would appreciate it . Bike only has 1800 miles
  13. Yeah I installed a moose inline mesh filter before the carb for added protection I guess I just never noticed out much debris was in pump gas until I changed the tank to a natural colored one
  14. Ya that ain’t happening lol I guess your right
  15. I know that but I’m getting shit in my tank when there isn’t a tanker there I mean this has been from a couple of places