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  1. Thanks CRF James. It does look like a good bit of work unfortunately. I guess I'll hope it holds for now, with no further issue. Its a perfect bike otherwise. I hate that the case is punctured tho...
  2. Well guys, I think you all are correct. Some idiot punched a hole in the forwardmost, right side foot peg mounting hole. Its not leaking oil unless you loosen the bolt. I havent fully removed the foot peg bracket to see what it would take to repair the punture, but now this issue has me worried. Could a small patch of sheetmetal possibly be formed and then TIG welded over the punctured crankcase somehow? I'm pretty good with metal fab and machine work, so if not too much of a PIA, I might prefer to fix the punctured hole. OR, should I just add a copper washer to the bolt and consider it another drain hole for the oil? I mean, I can only wonder where the oil actually reaching when it runs out of the punctured hole? (with bolt inserted/tightened). Like I said, when the bolt is tightened, there is no visible leak, or oil hitting the ground, but this has me worried now. Thanks for any help here.
  3. 2005 CRF50F FLY brand training wheels, specifically made for the CRF50. They mount via two simple bolts, that go into underside of engine crankcase. Here's the issue guys: There are 4 existing bolts with a standoff/spacer under the head of each bolt which hold the foot peg bracket to the underside of engine crankcase. The very short instruction page shows to mount the training wheels into the existing FORWARD two foot peg bracket bolt holes. However, when the right side bolt is unscrewed, engine oil comes gushing out of the damn bolt hole. This is NOT the same bolt that is normally used to drain the oil! SO, I decided instead of using the forward two holes, to use the rear holes to mount the training wheels, and it seemed to work fine, but I'm just left wondering WHY Fly instructions said to use the two forward holes? There was no mention of having to lose all your oil/etc. Also note that even if I were to drain the oil and use the forward two holes, the training wheel mounting flange seems to sit much flatter and tighter back at the rearward two holes. It just doesn't mount up as tight if I were to use the forward two holes as the instructions clearly call for. Secondly, what the heck are those 4 standoffs/spacers even there for, and should the training wheels be mounted under or over these little 1" long spacers? For now, I've opted to mount the training wheels up tight to the crankcase, and then slide the bolts and spacers up through the training wheels mounting flange, as logic would seem to dictate that would be much less stress on the bolts from the stress of the training wheels, but here again, there was not even any mention at all of these spacers/standoffs in the instructions. Can anyone here shed some light on the above issues guys? Thanks so much for any help. Wanting to get this right before I give this bike to my boy for Christmas tomorrow guys!