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  1. John Slaughter

    Husqvarna CR430 (1982)

    you had a 74 cr 125? You don't happen to own the sugar plantations, do you? The failed brakes you speak of was just a clever ploy to make their riders faster!
  2. John Slaughter

    Husqvarna CR430 (1982)

    I didn't notice. You have other bikes?
  3. John Slaughter

    Husqvarna CR430 (1982)

    Who was the Flying Hawaiin? Since you have failed the Quiz you must relinquish the neglected and underloved Husqvarna to somebody who will give it the loving care and cubic dollars that it so richly deserves! And stay away from google!
  4. John Slaughter

    Husqvarna CR430 (1982)

    I don't understand? how can you have too many bikes? You must be living right and are just overly blessed. What is the preferred tire choice for burning lava anyway?
  5. John Slaughter

    Husqvarna CR430 (1982)

    I just noticed the Preston Petty rear fender/ number plate combination. Could those be Ohlins piggybacks? Just how much is shipping from Hawaii anyway? Pop quiz: what motorcycle wouldn't have to be shipped from Hawaii or any other fire and brimstone belching island? For extra points: who was the flying finn and what motocross accessory was named after him? in what form of racing did huskys win the most championships? under what rider? who unseated him? who was his team manager? somebody stop me!
  6. John Slaughter

    Husqvarna CR430 (1982)

    I Think Hashtags has a different meaning now than it did in the 70s.
  7. John Slaughter

    Husqvarna CR430 (1982)

    I haven't seen one of these in years. It is bringing back a long dormant Husqvarna lust. I bought my buddys 82 CR 250 with a blown gearbox knowing I could never afford to fix it just to gaze at that beautiful gas tank. Do you remember the Cr 500 With the Black and gold gas tank (maybe it was a XC 500?) or the CR 390's green gas tank? Huskys taught me that real motorcycles have 6 speed gearboxes or 8 if you remember the huskys that raced in Baja or the Mint 400 (very early 70's?) and a polished area on the gas tank where your knees rub. I just realized that we have been lulled into accepting ugly motorcycles just because they are lightyears better than that antiquated...aaah I think I better stop right there. I just remembered those mondays and the excruciating pain I endured because I had to prove once again that I was the FMOP on my 490 Maico (81 mega 2 w/ fox piggybacks) I also remember when they started showing actual motocross racing on tv and seeing james for the first time and realizing that if this kid keeps this up, I might have to relinquish the crown! I'm sorry, but its just boring without RC and JS!