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    Dirt biking. Cars, trucks, and almost anything with an engine. Used to live to snowmobile but hard to do now that I'm in Texas.
  1. GettingThere

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    Looks like their website is running better as of tonight and updated a bit. It also looks like the prices went up slightly. Here is a screen shot of the steel frame (up to 2004) YZ125 skidplate with shipping to Texas.
  2. GettingThere

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    Hey Eddie, That's a great looking skidplate you built. Very nice job!!
  3. GettingThere

    YZ125 Over Rev

    No problem. Here is a link to the thread and the settings for the 125 were on page 12. A post from Oct. 30, 2009. Keep us posted what you figure out.
  4. GettingThere

    YZ125 Over Rev

    Not sure if this helps what you are looking for. It is a screen shot I saved out of the YZ250 timing thread. I think it was about halfway through the thread.
  5. GettingThere

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    Their website seems worse today than normal but it is always super slow. You may be best to just call them and get some pricing and shipping costs. If you do a google search you will find plenty of pictures of the steel frame 125's. Check out this thread of @2 STROKE YZ DOC if you have not already. Page 37 post on May 2nd and page 38 post on May 4th have some good pictures of the skidplate. I need to get some of these oredered at some point.
  6. GettingThere

    Homemade plastic skid plate?

    https://www.hyderacing.com/index.htm Hyde Racing has them. I could not find plastic ones for the older YZ's and then had seen YZDoc mentioned these. He has pictures in his build threads and Hyde's website has pictures. Their website seems horribly slow any time I have been on it. I have been wanting to buy a couple to try them out but the shipping for just two seems too high. If I buy all four I need the shipping is better but not sure if I want to tie that much up on skidplates that I may not like? I have thought about trying what subxero mentioned above about using a newer model skidplate. I mostly was looking at the YZ250 though and the frame geometry is supposedly the same between the steel and aluminum frames so I assumed it would work decent other than the steel frame it round tube and aluminum is square. As far as fabbing up your own it is very doable. I made a couple for my 4 stroke 250's I had out of heavy cutting board material. Do a quick google search and you will see some that have done this. These worked well for me but I did crack one on a pretty hard hit on a big rock. It remained usuable but just with a crack. It will be difficult to have one be as formed around the cases as a purchased product. If you are just wanting the plastic to slide over rocks/ logs easier you could also add two or three strips of plastic to the bottom of the aluminum plate you have.
  7. GettingThere

    2012 YZ250 woods conversion

    These expandable freeze plugs work well. They sell them in various sizes. Do any of your auto parts stores sell this style? https://www.autozone.com/internal-engine/freeze-plug/dorman-freeze-plug/522473_175019_4115
  8. GettingThere

    2001 YZ250 Yah, they are still hot!

    Yep, that is sort of my thoughts. I have read quite a few of your posts on the WR gear swaps. I plan to ride it a bit more before I make changes. It has a flywheel weight and Kingers jet setup. The bike is really good for what we are riding right now. I need to spend some time on the suspension and get a Hyde skidplate on it, if I don't build one of my own.
  9. GettingThere

    2001 YZ250 Yah, they are still hot!

    I agree, thanks for sharing Doc. I enjoyed reading it. Picked up a 2001 this year and think it is an awesome bike. Don't really see a reason to ever get rid of it but will probably want a 250x someday, but then again maybe not? Here is a picture of it.
  10. GettingThere

    Yz125 Crank and crank seals

    No problem and glad to be able to help. Hope the new seals work out.
  11. GettingThere

    Yz125 Crank and crank seals

    Sorry picture is not too great. Tried getting the caliper down in the wiring harness notch. Hope the measurement is accurate......reading 40.91 mm.
  12. GettingThere

    Yz125 Crank and crank seals

    Let me go measure and snap a picture. Be back in a few.
  13. GettingThere

    2006 YZ125 midrange issues?

    Sounds like the ignition is not your problem but I thought it may be worth asking if you checked your meter leads before checking the resistance? It is always good to touch them together to see what resistance the leads are reading. Decent leads should show a real small value, like 0.1 or 0.2 ohms. If the leads are a little "iffy" and reading a little higher that may make a 0.36 ohm reading more like the 0.4 ohms you saw. Just a thought.
  14. GettingThere

    Yz125 Crank and crank seals

    Here is a quick measurement of a Wiseco crank, with Harbor Freight calipers, in my 2003 YZ125 that I need to get back to work on. Looks real close to 20.00 mm or 0.7875 in. Hope these numbers are fairly accurate. Somewhat hard to get a good measurement with the calipers with the crank still in the cases. Curious what you find out.
  15. GettingThere

    2003 YZ125 Top and Bottom End Advice

    Ok, cool. Good to know. Thx!!