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    Dirt biking. Cars, trucks, and almost anything with an engine. Used to live to snowmobile but hard to do now that I'm in Texas.
  1. I'll definitely chime back with an update on how it works on my sons 2000. I have a little work to do on it and then hope to try your setup. Looks like it is going to be a busy weekend and we may not get out for a good ride this weekend but hopefully soon. Thanks again for this great setup.
  2. Made the switch yesterday on a 2001 to the N3EW-3, 45 pilot, 40 power, 175 main, stock pipe and silencer. Bike seems very happy and lugs well, very crisp and so far no spooge at 32:1 with Yamalube 2R. I'll hope to get a chance to get some more time on it in the near future. Thanks Kinger317. This seems like a great setup and will be switching my sons 2000 to it as well.
  3. Here is one and these guys will ship. No sales tax if shipped so could be a better deal than buying local. Freedom Powersports have quite a few available at different locations and I stopped and looked at one recently. I also stopped by Sherman Powersports since they have one in stock but their out the door price was stupid. I think you will find that there are many of them out there but the dealer will try to make you think they fly out the door. Once the 2019's show up there will be some good deals to be had on some of these 2018's.
  4. Oh good. Glad you have a starting method that is working. Enjoy the riding.
  5. Use this guide for cold starting. The little chart on the third page lists what to do at different ambient temperatures. Where I live I do not need to use the choke for cold starting for much of the year since it does not get very cold here. You could try giving the throttle a couple of twists before trying to start to see if that helps. Sounds like you are making good progress.
  6. I would leave the TPS attached to the carb if possible and just unplug it from the harness. That would keep dirt out of the carb? From what I have read in the SuperMoto discussions it should be just fine unplugged.
  7. This is out of a 2004 YZ250F manual but I would assume it is the same. Hope it helps and good luck getting the bike going.
  8. I just corrected my original post. I meant to say not due to the TPS. Do you need the procedure on how to check the TPS?
  9. I am no expert but I don't think what you are describing is not due to the TPS. From the little I know I would unplug it and try it. There have been some good discussions on some SuperMoto threads about unplugging it. See this link that they discussed it. Start at post #5. If you do a search you should find other discussions. Do you need the pages out of the manual on how to readjust the TPS if you decide to? Have you verified you are getting gas? Is the spark plug wet? You can loosen the screw in the float bowl and see if gas drains. You may have a stuck float needle and not getting gas? If you do pull the spark plug and it is dry, then you can pour a very small amount of gas into the cylinder or a shot of starting fluid before putting the plug back in and then see if the bike trys to fire.
  10. He said what the problem was 3 posts back if you are talking about the guide. "Alright guys -- new guide came in and it fit together 100% correct this time. Can't believe how hard I was beating my head into a wall on this one to have it be such a cheap fix. Thanks for the help."
  11. I am currently looking at the Sedona 907 and Shinko 505 Cheater to put on a couple of our bikes. There are lots of reviews out there on both tires on YouTube. $59-$60 delivered on Amazon or Rocky Mountain for the Sedona and about $65 for the Shinko. This is for a 110/90-19. The Shinko 525 Cheater looks decent as well but sounds as though chunking may be more of a problem. Jeff Slavens on YouTube has some good reviews with follow up with some miles on each of these tires. I currently have Michelin Starcross 5 Medium Terrain tire on one 250F and the tires, front and rear, have been great for me as trail tires, but just a little pricier at $95 for the rear. That bike I am running the 110/19-19 and like the size. The other 250F has an older Michelin 100/19-19. I think the 110 is a better trail size for me. Don't think you can go wrong with either of those for the price. The Sedona has a bit of an unusual look.
  12. This is from my 2004 YZ250F service manual.
  13. We have three YZ's with the Trail Tech kickstands from Rocky Mountain. They work extremely well. I wish the bottom was not plastic but it has not caused a problem. We can stand on the bike to start them and they get abused with no issues.
  14. My 2005 YZ250F starts first kick hot or cold almost always. The 2004 YZ250F is usually 1st or 2nd kick hot or cold. Occasionally they will be a pill and take a handful of kicks. Clean the carb and check the valves. Also, get the bike at TDC before giving it a good solid/ long kick. My kids will struggle sometimes starting them and I will get on and start it 1st kick. You can look here for the hot start parts. The plastic hot start screw (on the carb end of the cable and screws into carb) like to crack or threads get buggered up. I would recommend replacing that when you fix the hot start parts.
  15. I just read this thread the other day. It was linked in one of the YZ250 kick starter threads. Is this something that would help you?