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  1. eric33

    Launch control yz450f

    Owners manual tells how to use it. Basically hold the white button down for a second or two until it lights up. It disengages when you shift to 3rd gear. #33
  2. eric33

    2019 YZ450FX Range ?

    Last year I rode with a guy in Baja that carried gas because he was worried about fuel with stock tank. In our group there were several odometers. Checking miles and fuel used he averaged 50mpg over the whole trip. We were not racing, just trail riding. Bike was all stock with a 220 lb rider. #33
  3. eric33

    Bad TPS? Vid inside

    Mack, good job diagnosing and thinking of that while chasing your problem. Thanks for the education, I am not the thinker mechanic that you obviously are. You may want to find a buddy with a similar bike, use your multimeter to see if you get the same results. Check both the TPS and the meter. Next wrench session I know I will do that same test to see what mine does.
  4. eric33

    Tusk Radiator Cap with Temp gauge

    Have purchased two with no failures. Worked as intended. However installing was difficult and removing was almost impossible without pliers on my 500xcw. I did not try the greased seal trick yet. Same cap was installed and removed from a buddy's 300 xcw with zero issues. not sure why yet.
  5. Installed Tusk rotors and sprocket which all performed perfectly. It makes a complete set of wheels with tires to do wheel swaps with zero hassle.
  6. The Tusk wheels are a very good buy, price, durability and looks, in my opinion. I have extra OEM and Tusk spares and am happy with both.
  7. eric33

    300XC-W vs 520EXC

    Pine_rider, I am from your area and have ridden years in all the places you mentioned. I am in Arizona now and ride a 500 because of the terrain here and fuel mileage of the four stroke. Up there you will like the 520 but you will Love the 300. Especially Rubicon like terrain. Just my 2 cents. Eric #33
  8. Nicturner,, Pipester makes a good point that if you maintain the bike it will go many miles before a rebuild. I am on my second KTM 500 xcw which is the same bike but not street legal. My first I sold with 18k miles and 771 hrs. The guy that bought it is still riding it. My current 500 has 16k and 660 hrs. now and I am still riding it. 187 miles yesterday. No motor issues on either bike with frequent oil changes, trail riding from Canada to Baja. Riding not racing. I had to replace in tank fuel filters on both bikes around 15k miles. Bulletproof so far, 2013 and 2014 bikes. Already bought my next one a used 30 hr. 2016 being set up to replace the '14. Eric #33
  9. eric33

    2013 KTM 500 exc vs 2014-16

    ilovektms,, I sold my 13 500 xcw (same motor) and it was as close to bulletproof as you could get. It had 771 hrs. and 18,000 miles with only regular maintenance. In tank filter replaced once, inline fuel filters on a regular maintenance basis and swing arm bearings once. Wore out lots of grips and tires on that bike though! If it was taken care of decently it is a great buy for the right price. Happy shopping!
  10. eric33

    Replacement carburetor has anyone tried these?

    CRF DOC is obviously a wise man. re-read his post. Been there, done that, Just sayin.... dOC
  11. eric33

    In tank fuel filter

    Sorry, didn't think to add pic. just sharing info and I only get to this forum every few days. I keep a couple now in my inventory and carry one on long trips. Just got home from a 1500 mile Baja ride.
  12. eric33

    In tank fuel filter

    Just an FYI post. I changed my pump fuel filter on my first 500 at about 600 hours when it began starving for fuel, problem solved and sold that bike at 18,000 miles and 771 hours on original fuel pump. It also had the black crap being described by everyone else. One more bit of information, I went to O'reilly auto parts and used a filter off the parts shelf to see how it would fare. Plastic see thru filter about the same length and hose diameter cost $5.99. no issues. Functioned fine next 171 hours. On second 500 now and have not changed the fuel pump filter yet at 13,000 miles and 546 hours, although I believe it is just about time to prevent the same scenario. I will shoot for 600 hours then swap it out. I do run a fuel filler screen on the tank and change my inline filter about every 3 or 4 months. Cheap insurance at $6
  13. eric33

    Is my clutch slave jammed?

    Bill_B, glad you found it and shared the info. Be glad that it was that simple and Cheap! Smile when you ride next. I had one do that at high speed, the engine came to such an abrupt halt it shredded half of the gears in the transmission! That was Not cheap!
  14. eric33

    Bike wouldn't start... Has this happened to you?

    You guys are Great! I thought I was just a dumbass first time I did it, lol.
  15. Kickstand safety cut off switch?