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  1. ilovektms,, I sold my 13 500 xcw (same motor) and it was as close to bulletproof as you could get. It had 771 hrs. and 18,000 miles with only regular maintenance. In tank filter replaced once, inline fuel filters on a regular maintenance basis and swing arm bearings once. Wore out lots of grips and tires on that bike though! If it was taken care of decently it is a great buy for the right price. Happy shopping!
  2. CRF DOC is obviously a wise man. re-read his post. Been there, done that, Just sayin.... dOC
  3. Sorry, didn't think to add pic. just sharing info and I only get to this forum every few days. I keep a couple now in my inventory and carry one on long trips. Just got home from a 1500 mile Baja ride.
  4. Just an FYI post. I changed my pump fuel filter on my first 500 at about 600 hours when it began starving for fuel, problem solved and sold that bike at 18,000 miles and 771 hours on original fuel pump. It also had the black crap being described by everyone else. One more bit of information, I went to O'reilly auto parts and used a filter off the parts shelf to see how it would fare. Plastic see thru filter about the same length and hose diameter cost $5.99. no issues. Functioned fine next 171 hours. On second 500 now and have not changed the fuel pump filter yet at 13,000 miles and 546 hours, although I believe it is just about time to prevent the same scenario. I will shoot for 600 hours then swap it out. I do run a fuel filler screen on the tank and change my inline filter about every 3 or 4 months. Cheap insurance at $6
  5. Bill_B, glad you found it and shared the info. Be glad that it was that simple and Cheap! Smile when you ride next. I had one do that at high speed, the engine came to such an abrupt halt it shredded half of the gears in the transmission! That was Not cheap!
  6. You guys are Great! I thought I was just a dumbass first time I did it, lol.
  7. Kickstand safety cut off switch?
  8. gitenby, yes the fluid ends up in the engine when it goes past the O-ring. Had this happen on my 2013, pretty easy fix. Get a new O-ring, it is not worth taking it apart without replacing a $2 O-ring while you are there. I got one at a KTM shop for a few bucks and it is less than $2 at Rocky Mountain ATV. never had another issue with it. Happy wrenchin'
  9. OnPipe, several good ones out there but I only have experience with a couple. I have been using the 'lil lightning' for a few years. Have also purchased one from Harbor Freight to carry in my Toyota truck, the brand was VIKING and it was $69 with one of their coupons, price was one of the reasons I bought it as a test. It is slightly larger than my lil lightning though. It helped jump start a GMC 6.6 Duramax that wouldn't start on its own. Surprised the crap out of me!
  10. BlackBuzzard, I heed your wisdom, I usually turn back if the water looks too deep. I try lots of difficult (dumb) stuff on rides, but don't mess with water if it looks dicey cause I don't like the thought of swamping my bike! OnPipe, yes I have been carrying a jumper pack since I started doing long remote rides, too often alone when I can't get a partner. I carry for my own self preservation and have jumped another riders bike and a v-6 Nissan with it in the past couple of years. Knock on wood, been good myself so far.
  11. Ud_Luz, Awesome! Thanks for the intel. I had been sweating that scenario whenever I have to cross water. I am a little less chicken now, lol.
  12. I have to agree with 4strokeridertt on the wide tire. I have tried the oversized Golden Tyre on 3 different bikes with different results. Honda 650L- hated it, KTM 500xcw - good and bad (heavy steering) depending on terrain, Honda 450X - loved it everywhere. Same tire all 3 bikes! Easiest thing to rule out with a tire swap.
  13. Brute448 is a wise man, you may want to take his advice. The sprocket/chain recommendations he gave you are excellent price/durability choices. If you chose to lower your gearing with a 54 tooth rear you will accelerate your chain guide wear with the larger sprocket. His 13/50 gives you almost exactly what you are looking at.
  14. Fowlsy, Thanks for the info. Been looking for Acerbis filter in the US and was not aware of Profill. Ordered one today.
  15. Yes, Thanks Doc for the inspection idea on filter inspection. Never thought of that. Thanks for sharing. I had an 06 that I went through 2 top ends just shy of 950 hrs when I sold the bike. All on original crank and bearings. Used Rotella at about 15 hr. intervals with an IRP oil cooler that upped the oil capacity about 150cc. It was a trail /desert bike and not a race bike, since I have an MX bike. Yes, I did tell the new buyer of the amount of time on the bike and when he rode it he was happy as a clam. It became a Baja trail bike last I heard, no complaints.