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    Silicon Valley Riding

    Ickyrhino and 1.21GW, thanks for the 152 recommendation. I didn't even know that was there. Looks perfect for what I'm after. Ride safe!
  2. HuntItEatIt

    Silicon Valley Riding

    Thank you, Cobra46. I'll check it out! I appreciate the help.
  3. HuntItEatIt

    Silicon Valley Riding

    Hey, TT. I have two young boys on CRF50s. I normally ride at Metcalf Road or Hollister, both of which are within an hour from me in Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, these riding parks are generally so crowded, that even the mini tracks, which are allocated to young children/beginners, are overrun. My boys are intimidated by the fast riders and loud pipes. We need a place that's wide open, safe, and not jam-packed with riders for them to learn the basics--balance, braking, etc. Does anyone have any recommendations for BLM or national forest within a couple hours where I could take them to build confidence. We really just need an open area or dirt roads for now. Thanks for the help!