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  1. Well i received the TAG bar last weekend and put them on and did a good amount of riding. They worked great, much straighter wider and ergonomic for a tall guy like myself. They arent much taller though, I'll be keeping an eye out for risers in the future. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Prefect, thanks. I did some searching around and had to do some research about the "bar bends" went with the HON/KAW/RC(971) bend in the bars. The tallest i could find. Will post when i get them in!
  3. Ok, i was looking at those but it seems the popular BBR one are discontinued? Yes its a play bike, im doing some flat track and other stuff to brush up on bike control in the off season of road racing. The stock bars are too far back for me, they are basically in my lap lol. I would be content with something that i can tilt up while having my wrist straight instead of angled in. Thanks again.
  4. Howdy. Was out riding the 99 XR100 today and the bars were terrible on ergonomics for my 6' frame. I moved them up, but where the height was comfortable the handles were tilted in to where it hurt my wrists. Any suggestions for bars that are straighter when tilted up? Thanks a bunch! Miles
  5. I understand this bsa441. Just a sealant that I'll clean out, I wanted to at least verify the issue was gone. Took around the block and it's back apart again until I find a better solution.
  6. So that fuel doesn't flow into the motor correct? I'l search for a permanent solution this week, but temporarily I plugged it with a sealer resistant to chemicals. Runs like a champ! Just did a little play with the idle and it feels great. She still smokes prrtty bad though..
  7. Ok, well that's the price of a new carb basically. In that case I'll probably just go the route of fixing it. As long as I pick up a tipped over bike there shouldn't be much issue without the overflow right?
  8. Where could I find that? All I see is new Chinese carbs online, no individual pieces. Could I order a cheap knockoff and use the bowl?
  9. Well, after some inspection and watching a couple tear down videos the float was in upside down...derp! I was so excited to throw it together it got flipped and I looked right past it. I put it back together but didn' take it out, it's too late. Thanks for the help guys. I did my Ninja 250 and VFR750 carbs without a hitch, just looked past the simplest thing. So an unfortunate event took place and my bowl got knocked off my bench, the little breather or overflow brass tube broke off the bottom. I'm assuming gas will just poor out of my bowl now. Can I plug that somehow, can I replace it, or do I need a new bowl entirely? Thanks again and a Merry Christmas! Miles
  10. I'll double check the float when I get back home, but I feel that I would have put it back properly. If so I'd feel obscenely stupid lol. I wish it was a pinched fuel line, would have been running it right now. I'm kicking myself, we're getting snow right now...i want to go play. I'l let you know my findings. Thanks for the input.
  11. Float is installed properly. I did not check float height, how would you adjust the height? I doubt float height would cause a dry bowl though..
  12. Howdy all, new guy here. I recently picked up a 1999 XR100 for a couple bucks to mess around on for my off season. Ran like crap, old fuel, dirty carb, but it ran. Emptied that tank and cleaned it out, pulled the carb and gave it a thorough cleaning, new plug with a good spark. Put it back together and got nothing out of it. Pulled it back apart and made sure the float needle was free, it was. Put it back together and still got a dry bowl. Fuel was getting to the carb, but not through it. Replaced the fuel line and filter and bought a rebuild kit and installed it. I double cleaned it and made sure the fuel passage was clear. Put it back together and still nothing, so I pulled the bowl and put gas in it and threw it back together. It ran until the bowl dried up again. I'm at my wits end here; how does the fuel not get through after I've made sure the passage is clear, the float and needle are free and new. I'm about to buy a new carb, any suggestions? Thanks for reading, Miles