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  1. ddickinson

    XR250/400 Dust Seals

    Thanks so much!!! This schematic is different than the one I found. Makes more sense now.
  2. ddickinson

    Can a 250/300 smoker hang with 450s?

    Is this a Smoker vs. Thumper debate or a bigger vs. smaller debate? Upfront, I primarily ride tight woods sections connected by large grass tracts (Intermediate and Over 30X years ago). I've raced everything from a 125 smoker to the old KTM 525 on our local cross country circuit. Recently I returned to riding when I bought a used XR250R for my son. Went riding with a buddy and his RMZ450 a few weeks ago. He was really impressed I could maintain a such quick pace on such an "old fashioned" machine. I was impressed with how much work it was to ride that bull of his. While passing bigger bikes on long grass track sections would be a chore on a smaller 4 stroke, there is something to be said for the 'less is more' philosophy. On that topic, I was told recently 250F bikes will often set faster lap times in Supercross than their larger siblings. Begs the question, what's more important: a fast bike or a bike you can ride fast (consistently)?
  3. ddickinson

    XR250/400 Dust Seals

    Stupid question: I picked up a used 2004 XR250R for my son. The fork seals were blown so I dropped the forks at local Honda shop and hour away where a friend works. My wife picked up the forks a few days ago. Anyway, I went to mount them up and I noticed the circlip just above what I presumed to be the fork 'seal.' All my previous bikes from years past had upside down forks where the fork dusters covered this clip. I figured my buddy forgot them so I over-nighted a set of dusters but I can't seat them, even with a fork seal driver. Am I right to assume the dusters mount up above that clip? Closer examination of the fork seals leads me to wonder if their is adequate space above the clip for a dust wiper. I've never had a bike with conventional forks with gaiters so I'm doubting my initial assumptions. Can anyone help?