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    Pivot/Bendable Style Levers for the Ol' XR

    I hear what a lot of you guys are saying about the handguards/barkbusters but (despite being a woods guy) I'm part of that minority that prefers to ride without busters. When I ran the Intermediate class in the early 2000s I ran the Cycra Pro Bend style buster, first mounted at the bar and later the clamp. In addition to being just one more thing to break or cause problems, I got my hand tangled up in them once... In hindsight, maybe I just wanted to be like Wattsy. He didn't run a wraparound guard either.
  2. My lanky 14 year old boy started showing an interest in riding MX/Off-Road so I sourced the best beginner friendly, yet dirt worthy, bike I could find: an Ol' Honda XR250R (2004). So far I've replaced a few clutch levers and perches with stock parts. That's gotten old and I'm looking to upgrade to an ASV or Torc1 type fold-able clutch/perch brake combo. Went to purchase online today and to my surprise there were no such parts listed for the XRs. I saw plenty of CRF/CRF-X choices and they seem to differ depending on generation. Obviously I can use nearly any perch/clutch combo as long as the two match; but I was wondering if anyone knew which of these levers was closest to stock? Also, will the first gen CRF250X brake lever work on the XR? These may be stupid questions to some; but I'd rather ask a dumb question than drop money on an ASV brake lever I can't use. Thanks for any help. #xr250r#hondaxr
  3. ddickinson

    XR250/400 Dust Seals

    Thanks so much!!! This schematic is different than the one I found. Makes more sense now.
  4. ddickinson

    Can a 250/300 smoker hang with 450s?

    Is this a Smoker vs. Thumper debate or a bigger vs. smaller debate? Upfront, I primarily ride tight woods sections connected by large grass tracts (Intermediate and Over 30X years ago). I've raced everything from a 125 smoker to the old KTM 525 on our local cross country circuit. Recently I returned to riding when I bought a used XR250R for my son. Went riding with a buddy and his RMZ450 a few weeks ago. He was really impressed I could maintain a such quick pace on such an "old fashioned" machine. I was impressed with how much work it was to ride that bull of his. While passing bigger bikes on long grass track sections would be a chore on a smaller 4 stroke, there is something to be said for the 'less is more' philosophy. On that topic, I was told recently 250F bikes will often set faster lap times in Supercross than their larger siblings. Begs the question, what's more important: a fast bike or a bike you can ride fast (consistently)?
  5. ddickinson

    XR250/400 Dust Seals

    Stupid question: I picked up a used 2004 XR250R for my son. The fork seals were blown so I dropped the forks at local Honda shop and hour away where a friend works. My wife picked up the forks a few days ago. Anyway, I went to mount them up and I noticed the circlip just above what I presumed to be the fork 'seal.' All my previous bikes from years past had upside down forks where the fork dusters covered this clip. I figured my buddy forgot them so I over-nighted a set of dusters but I can't seat them, even with a fork seal driver. Am I right to assume the dusters mount up above that clip? Closer examination of the fork seals leads me to wonder if their is adequate space above the clip for a dust wiper. I've never had a bike with conventional forks with gaiters so I'm doubting my initial assumptions. Can anyone help?