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  1. DertByke

    xt250 accessory lighting

    Yeah, sorry I wasn’t specific. The ignite kit comes with two small cubes
  2. DertByke

    xt250 accessory lighting

    I ended up finding brackets from JNS engineering that utilize the upper triple clamp bolt location like I was going to use that put the lights just above the front turn signals
  3. DertByke

    xt250 accessory lighting

    Sorry, *upper triple clamp bolts. The lower ones would create issues with the tank shrouds while turning
  4. Hey guys, Has anyone added accessory flood/spot lighting to their xt’s? I ordered the rigid industries ignite flood kit and I’m gonna run those as accessory lights. My plan is to make my own brackets and use the lower triple clamp bolts to mount the brackets so they are in a decent spot to illuminate the path in front of me. I was just curious if anyone has already added accessory lighting, and where you mounted them.
  5. DertByke

    2014 xt250 AFR issue

    It backfires out of the exhaust.
  6. DertByke

    2014 xt250 AFR issue

    He mentioned the only time it has issues is while cold, and that’s only the hiccup under acceleration. That doesn’t Happen often either
  7. DertByke

    2014 xt250 AFR issue

    Hello all, I am new to forums so please let me know if this topic already exists. Here is my issue. I am a trained motorcycle technician but his has me stumped. I have an 08 xt250 (carbureted) and put the fmf slip-on on it and tuned the carb and it runs fine with no issues. My friend bought a 2014 xt250 (FI) and he wanted the same exhaust. I installed a power commander on it due to the exhaust creating more airflow, needed extra fuel to compensate blah blah blah. What I am stumped on is that his bike starts and runs fine for the most part. But, his bike is throwing me obstacles I’ve never seen before. Normally, I am able to tell if a bike is running rich or lean and they usually only show symptoms of one or the other. Here are his symptoms (I will add whether I believe each respective symptom is a reach or lean symptom beside) -exhaust melted rear fender (lean) -sooty residue on fender (rich) -when cold, slight hesitation under acceleration (lean) -backfiring under decel (lean) -the spark plug electrode looks clean, but the threads are black (stoich/rich) So the bike in my opinion is showing symptoms of being rich and lean. The power commander that was available for this bike was a non programmable unit, but is does have manual dials to adjust as needed. I am under the impression that it is lean, but the black soot on the fender is the major issue that is throwing a wrench in my gears. The map that is installed on this PC is an “optimized stock” map, so it obviously could still be lean, which I understand but the black soot is throwing me off. Anyone out there had the same issue with this bike/muffler combination? I plan to add more fuel with the manual adjustments on the PC (since I feel there’s more lean symptoms than rich). I would appreciate any input. Sorry for the long post in advance.