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  1. I just picked up a 2001 xr200 that isnt running,just started taking the engine apart to inspect it,when i took my stator cover off oil poured out of it,im pretty sure its not suppose to be,but im not a mechanic,there doesnt appear to be any oil seal on the main bearing behind the crank.so im just not sure if its suppose to be that much oil in there or i have a gasket busted somwhere or what,thanks in advance
  2. I hope I'm posting this in the correct place, I have a 00 rm250 that im doing a engine rebuild on,I split the cases changed the main bearings,after installing the transmission and the shift drum and forks, I closed the cases back up,I installed the shift pawl and the gear shifter,and now neutral seems to be in a different location,instead of being between all way down and half click up "between 1st and 2nd gear"neutral is all the up and half click down "between 4th and 5th".This is my first engine rebuild,and I cant see how I did anything different than what my clymer manual has showed me.I would greatly appreciate any help with this,I don't know anything else to try.please Help!Thank You