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  1. Some of the bikes I'm finding have no title at all. If I check for the vin number and all is good, there should be no issues?
  2. He is 19 150 pounds, same age as me. Only gear he has is a 1998 nolan helmet, which meant for street bikes and gloves. His budget is $1,200 for a bike, so I'm looking for a used one. He will be mostly doing trail riding, but we do have an mx track around here. As for armor, he was looking to get one of those knock off's of the fox titan armor that has no C.E rating. I personally wouldn't trust it, but what do you think?
  3. A friend of mine is looking to get into the sport, he is 5'8''. So far I found a 2005 KTM 85SX in good condition. What would be a fair price to offer him?
  4. Alright, I figured im taking this way too seriously lol
  5. I've researched quite a bit, and there are CE rated 1 and 2 levels with some level 2's being better than others in terms of how much force it can absorb. This is what I found Are those significant differences? And I had some trouble finding out how long these types of armor can last, I hear they are single impact just like helmets.
  6. Yea I remember some fox instincts selling for $80 but they were too small.
  7. I got the message, also I see some $150-$200 boots that sell used on ebay for a lot less. In terms of protection would it better to buy used if my budget is $100? I know for helmets at least you shouldn't buy used.
  8. I need new shoes for work mostly, and these seem heavy duty but I'm not assuming that these will protect me better or even close to those dirt bike boots. Right now I just have flexible running shoes, would getting a pair of timberlands make a difference? Also I forgot to note this will be more for casual riding, I do plan on getting dirt bike boots in the future.
  9. Thats a good idea, I will ask him about that. I've also got a friend who is a mechanic who can install it on if he doesn't feel comfortable with me doing it. If he says no, then I'd just be a little suspicious.
  10. I would buy it, but there is no way to test ride the bike but instead I can start it up. I would need to test the gears, and brakes. There could be possibly more problems with it.
  11. From my experience from cheap pit bikes, they are not good or really built for off road riding. Even though they may look like it.
  12. I'd definitely go with the Bell MX-9, at that price with mips just seems unbeatable. I have been searching for a pair of goggles, but something good for low light and night riding. Do the ones with like 80% vlt and are yellow tinted help? Or should I get the clear ones? Some other accessories I'm looking for is a head light for the helmet so I can look around when its dark.
  13. Owner gave it a very bad paint job, its missing a seat, chain, and has a oil leak. Do you think its worth a shot to check it out? I can find a seat for it, and replace the chain. But I'm not too sure about fixing oil leaks.
  14. How much would you say should be spent on a helmet minimum? I've looked around and I saw a bell with mips for $200. Cheapest helmet with mips I can find. Max budget would be $300-$400 if those extra hundred dollars will make a difference. Something I would like is a helmet that can protect against low to medium impacts as well. Most of my concussions were never from a high impact force.