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  1. Eh I'm not sure about the drum but I do see a bent shift fork, and probably worn gears (dogs and slots) on the gears attached to that shift fork
  2. Cody Richelderfer

    Power valve screws.

    Ding ding ding they are likely JIS screws. If you use the right size screwdriver it's hard to strip them. Throw your #1 Phillips in the trash, hot dont need it on dirt bikes and people love to try it and strip screws out. An impact screwdriver it's your best friend on those too
  3. Make sure it's just not a bent or aftermarket shifter that's hitting the ignition cover when your shifting. 1st to 2nd requires a longer throw than between other gears so that's where the problem presents itself
  4. Cody Richelderfer

    350 fuel pump

    The pump you got is an sxf pump, the ones with the sender is the xcf pump. It'll work fine just not have working fuel light obviously. The filters were made in Austria until around 2014 when they switched manufacturing to Turkey
  5. If You have an android there's a sweet gas/ oil mix app. Takes the guesswork and mistakes out
  6. Cody Richelderfer

    2003 YZ 125 spitting oil

    Normally that's mostly caused by a rich pilot but it's bad enough I'd say maybe the main bearings are getting sloppy and pulling transmission oil in. You should still check jetting, maybe a main jet fell out lol. Try putting in ben oil oil in the tranny and run it on the stand. The smell will be unmistakable. 40:1 is fine, I use 28:1 and never get a drop.
  7. Cody Richelderfer

    Webb wins Revlimiter on new TPI

    +1 to that, rekluse auto clutches are almost non existent in pro off road racing, in any series. Not that they aren't nice sometimes, they just prefer them without auto
  8. Cody Richelderfer

    Graham Jarvis - setup

    After reading up on the fuel rail imo it's snake oil. The fuel will still flow 10x the duty cycle of the injector, regardless of the corners and bends in the fuel system. They pretend fuel behaves in the same way as air, but it doesn't. Just my opinion
  9. Cody Richelderfer

    Graham Jarvis - setup

    I'm not familiar with it honesty, we use the stock rail and I doubt we'll change anytime soon I said "now fine"..
  10. Cody Richelderfer

    Graham Jarvis - setup

    It sounds like a cop out to say it's mostly rider skill but our best dead engine starter is josh strang and he's had multiple mechanics (didn't matter) and the stockest bike as far as starting gimmicks. Knowing when to whack open the throttle is the biggest thing
  11. Cody Richelderfer

    Graham Jarvis - setup

    Next year jetting won't even matter Well on some models..
  12. Cody Richelderfer

    Graham Jarvis - setup

    Lol I wish I had a good answer for that. We used super b battery topped off that morning, and idle speed and tps accuracy is important. But it's still mostly rider skill and some luck!
  13. Cody Richelderfer

    Graham Jarvis - setup

    And we don't have any 2t's doing GNCC or Enduro, just extreme, Endurocross, and ISDE stuff
  14. Cody Richelderfer

    Graham Jarvis - setup

    We have never changed from the production carb on any 2t in the US on the factory bikes, only changed nozzle and jetting. Support teams have free reign, I'm not sure what they are doing.
  15. Cody Richelderfer

    Graham Jarvis - setup

    Ours run just fine, 100% stock minus jetting