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    Cold Engine Noise

    When I start my '17 701 cold (since new, now 600 miles), it makes a horrendous rattling noise (sounds like upper end) until oil pressure is up (about 3-5 seconds). If I shut it off and then restart (cold), the rattle is about 1-2 seconds. This is REALLY loud and sounds like metal on metal. When it's hot and it sits for a few minutes, it does it for a second or so before quieting down. Clearly lubrication and oil pressure related but why so loud and what is it? Took it to the stealership today and they said "we don't hear anything abnormal". The brilliant tech said "yeah it's because there's no oil pressure" (wow, brilliant). I had a 690 and had no such cold-start noises.
  2. I ordered the Oberon replacement slave for me '17 fe501 six weeks ago and never received any update. Emailed them and they said they "are building more units to satisfy demand and that I would see them in a few weeks. So, while Oberon may have a better final product, they don't always have timely product delivery. Best to have spares on hand before you take these bikes out of the garage. Sheesh. Did anyone figure out what grease you are supposed to use on the Magura replacement seal and piston?
  3. staggart

    21 inches tube in 18 inches wheel

    My bad, it's a general suggestion. In your case, you had to make due with what you had. Surprised you made that get-up work! Good job.
  4. staggart

    21 inches tube in 18 inches wheel

    better/safer way to tow is footpeg to footpeg.
  5. I was at my near-useless dealer today (never to buy anything) and I mentioned the slave cylinder issue and asked if he has seen any come-backs. He said he was seeing a big increase of the on the '17 501s and the '17 701s. His fix, of course was to replace the entire slave cylinder (since to him, there are no spare parts available). I told him Magura was giving away free rebuild kits to customers and he looked at me with that typical dealer's "your full of shit and where have I been" look. He begged me to bring in my spare Magura free rebuild kit so he could look at it and get the p/n. I did that and also showed him my failed one. He made a good observation which was that my old square o-ring on the piston did look swollen and when I looked at it, I agreed. Suppose that either there is a hydraulic fluid compatibility problem from the factory or an incompatibility with the installation lubricating grease (see my previous post about grease blobs in the slave cylinder). Maybe this incompatibility is causing the o-rings to expand to the point where it's to tight that it gets torn by movement within the slave cylinder bore. Anyway, food for thought.
  6. staggart

    Flywheel bolt wont come off

    Also, check is it's left-handed threads and use heat (these will not solve spinning issue but will be useful if you also solve that problem).
  7. staggart

    Best Tire Pressure Gauge?

    See my post a few posts back about the BMW gauge on Amazon...
  8. Thanks for the post. For some reason I got much longer life out of my '17 Magura slave cylinder (130 hours) before it quit. Because of that and ThumperTalk, I found the Magura US factory # posted here and was able to make one call and get a replacement piston sent to me free of charge. So as of now Magura is at least being responsive. I still don't have a satisfactory answer as to root cause for the fails.
  9. staggart

    Best Tire Pressure Gauge?

    By far and away the best I have ever used. Super accurate, cheap and light. Reads from 1.0 to 130 psi (I need both ends of the spectrum since I run Tubliss and low dirt bike pressures). I carry on in my backpack and have on in the garage. $20 at amazon: https://www.amazon.com/BMW-Electronic-Tire-Pressure-Gauge/dp/B000OGAA1E/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1536071836&sr=8-3&keywords=bmw+tire+pressure+gauge Good luck
  10. I received my free Magura replacement slave cylinder piston/o-ring assembly (from Magura USA, see my above post). When I went to install it, I had a heck of a time getting the old piston out of its bore (I had to screw a small bolt into the head of the old piston where the ball bearing is and pull on the bolt to get it out). Upon inspecting the bore I noticed a glob of what appeared to be grease in it (the glob was about the size of the head of a q-tip). I also noticed smaller blobs inside the master cylinder. When I rubbed these between my fingers they did appear to be some kind of grease (white in color). So, I have three questions: 1) What is this stuff 2) why is in the sealed system 3) Is there any possibility that this "grease" is the reason the rubber o-rings on the slave piston are failing? In this thread I have read about people switching to mineral oil thinking it would "fix" their failing slave cylinder problems only to discover that mineral oil caused their rubber components to swell up to 3x their original size because of the incompatibility. Suppose that there is some kind of grease introduced into our clutch master cylinder/lines/slave cylinder systems during assembly and that this petroleum-base produce eventually comes in contact with the slave cylinder o-ring and then causes swelling, softening and failure. Just a theory but who knows. I'd sure like to know why there's anything but DOT4/5.1 in my system.
  11. I have about 138 hours and 3900 dirt miles. Failed yesterday...
  12. My '17 FE501 slave cylinder gave up the ghost in the middle of the Nevada desert yesterday 50 miles from nowhere. One 1/2 pump on the clutch lever and then gone. Lots of rocky A-enduro uphills to get up w/o a clutch - fun!! Anyway, started researching here - THANKS thumpertalk!! I called Magura direct (618-395-2200) as a suggestion of this thread and talked with Jeff McVicker. He said he would send me a replacement seal kit for free. I asked him what the issue was and he claims it's a factory assembly issue (not brake fluid). Yes, I am skeptical but who knows. I also ordered the Oberon CLU-1000- as my backup or replacement.
  13. Answered my own question... : "CLU-1000-" Can you please tell me the Oberon P/N for the '17 FE501? It's not obvious on their webpage. Thanks.