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  1. Rabbit22

    Hard start on xt225

    Try full choke, do not touch the throttle. turn on juice start
  2. Rabbit22

    neutral switch, no spark

    I'm getting no spark. I just split the cases to put a new case in and rebuilt the engine. I noticed that the neutral switched plastic is cracked may of happened when I was tightening it. Will this impact the spark?I testing the spark plug for continuity and it was fine. However the boot was not. I'm not really sure how to test the coil wire.? I put my leads across the coil leads and there was continuity. also I noticed that when I shift it down its fine but when I go up it makes a click type of a noise and sometimes sticks for a moment. Does anyone know why this might be? I did have the transmission apart. I could really use some help this is my first time doing this. thanks for anything!
  3. Rabbit22

    Clutch bolt installation

    Hello, Was wondering if anyone knows how to put a primary clutch bolt on? I don't have a holder tool. I've tried everything like towels in the gears etc.? Thanks for any help!
  4. Rabbit22

    Hard start on xt225

    Hi, I live in a cold climate and went to start up my bike for the first time this year and found that it won't start. I have a battery and electric start only. I checked the plug and it was a little foul but not to bad after choking it and trying to start it. It had plenty of spark. My next check would be the fuel. some have said they replaced the jet to help this problem. I'm not really sure where that would be or if it would be worth it. It starts fine after you get it going. This was my first year storing it. I filled the tank with non ethonol gas and put stabilizer in it. I didn't bother changing the fuel because its only been 3 to 4 months. Any ideas? thanks
  5. Rabbit22

    bottom guide placement?

    good thought, thanks
  6. Rabbit22

    bottom guide placement?

    thanks, i was thinking of having it welded or do you think jb weld would do it. i don't think there is a lot of stress there due to the plastic being used as a guide. i have used that JB weld before on these and it works up to a point. i don't like the fact that it inside the case so I can't see hoe its doing. So I think the best option would be to weld it or replace the case. what do you think thanks again.
  7. Rabbit22

    bottom guide placement?

    Hi, was wondering if anyone knew where the bottom guide goes exactly in the gear box. I think it fits into the horshoe whole. Well I broke that piece off and was wondering if it will still be ok. Part of it still remains. If not could I JB weld it? I just replaced the other side case. I really don't want to split it again and redo. any suggestions would be a great help. thanks! I'll send some pics through, so you can see what I'm talking about.
  8. Rabbit22

    clutch cover oil seal?

    Thanks, I'm assuming that will just pop on, but makes me wonder how it ever could have come off in the first place. thanks again!
  9. Rabbit22

    clutch cover oil seal?

    Hi, I'm putting my clutch cover back on and noticed in the deepest hole in the cover where the oil seal is a flat spring that either fell in the hole or came off the oil seal? does anyone know what it could be?
  10. Rabbit22


    I had to split my cases and I am putting everything back on my klx110. I was wondering if my kickstarter's gear should be able o move if it is installed correctly? Right now the gearbox shaft is locked up along with the kickstarter. The manual is terrible at giving details. I put the kickstarter in but I'm not sure the metal tang is behind that metal piece. Again the manual doesnt say. Thanks for any help.
  11. Rabbit22

    Cases together?

    Trying to put my cases back together. They were really hard coming a part and they are the same going back in. I replaced the left case and some bearings. I think I am going to heat up the race bearing and see if the crank will slip past into placed any easier. Could use some help first timer here. thanks Todd
  12. Rabbit22

    splitting case on KLX110

    I'm in the process of splitting the cases on a klx110. I have it about 2 inches apart but it is binding up. I think its the gear shifter. Should I take the shaft seal out before continuing? thanks
  13. Rabbit22

    Case splitting and gasket seal?

    thanks, it uses only a sealer. should it cost that much?
  14. Rabbit22

    Case splitting and gasket seal?

    Hi, Wondering if anyone knows of a gasket seal that will work on the cases when you have to split them? I have to replace the left side on my klx110 2006. They told me a tiny tube is 39.00? There has to be something else I can use, that is a ridiculous price for gasket seal. Am I right or is this a special sealant?
  15. Rabbit22

    Klx110 Crankcase

    Hi, my crankcase on the gear shifter side is cracked. I jb welded it last year but took it more apart this year and a additional screw hole fell out. I tried to JB weld it again I really doubt it will be strong enough to hold a screw. Anyways the manual says that they make these cases in a set from factory so always buy them together. Has anyone been successful in buying just one side and it still fitting ok? my side costs 81.00 but the other side is 100.00. I just bought piston and rings this could be over 300 dollars aren't engine about 500.00? Seems like I should just buy a new motor? Thanks for any help!