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  1. sorry ha i meant using the cdi off the rm without the light hook ups but you answered my question
  2. i was wondering if i didn't run light till i can get it figured out would this 1990 rm 250 cdi work http://www.regulatorrectifier.com/catalog/1987-1993-suzuki-rm250-rm-250-cdi-unit
  3. Yes i plan on keeping it i have to much money in it ha . I had a power valve crack and slam in to the piston had all the mechanical stuff fixed than got stumped with the spark problem. The "Zeeltronic" cdi seems to be a step above my pay grade haha. This weekend ill get another volt/ohm meter this weekend loaned it ha and check it.
  4. yea i have bare wire on the plug wire i have gotten the flu and haven't been able to touch it and now im back working curious what kind of aftermarket cdi did you get i might be able to trouble shoot with something
  5. Yes i will double check tomorrow but i have unplugged the kill switch. I have also checked the grounds on the wiring harness and tried rotating the stator after replacing it thinking it could be off time . All i know is it ran when the power valve cracked. I will grind on the ground stubs again and check the wires . Gonna order a new wiring harness no to bad price and if it is not the problem it still needs one with its age but i will get back on the trouble shooting
  6. I have a 1990 Suzuki 250 RMX I have just got done with a rebuild after sitting for 2years. i have replaced the stator and ignition coil. the problem this still stumps me I can turn the bike over with a drill and I get a 1/4 inch blue spark but if I try to kick it I get nothing even holding the wire with bare hands . The only thing i haven't replaced is the cdi box and wiring harness from what i can gather either the stator is out of time, bad wires ,or cdi box hopefully someone knows more than me i would rather not drop the almost $500 on a new cdi if that isn't the problem. Hopefully i cant get the info i need thanks