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    1985 Suzuki Jr50

    man! I appreciate the help. Thanks guys! Bike is solid. I did read about there being a 2nd jet in the carb that can be removed. While in there I will see if there is something blocking from the factory. Drill a couple more holes in the air box. Also switch out the sprokets as well. Still can’t find anything on upgrades such as exhaust. But I will be taking the factory exhaust off to see if there is a washer in between.
  2. VanillaGorilla83

    1985 Suzuki Jr50

    So we got my son his first bike which is a 1985 Suzuki Jr50. What can we do to make it move. He rode it one day and I already think its underpowered for him. Just need some basic ideas or some go to's on where to find some bolt on's or ideas. Anything will help. I cant seem to find some parts online. Such as exhaust, suspension, etc. Another thing, where can I find replica stickers for it? He wants to make it look brand new.