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  1. ChingChong

    Wr 250f headlight too bright!?

    I'm in Ireland but is it all the same?
  2. ChingChong

    Wr 250f headlight too bright!?

    YZETC The digit that represents the year is '0'. Is that not 2000?
  3. ChingChong

    Wr 250f headlight too bright!?

    It seems there is no room to adjust the headlight.
  4. I just bought a 2000 wr 250f and I noticed the headlight is too bright and blimds oncoming cars. There is no high beam/low beam option I can't even turn the light off. The only thing I could think of is to turn the headlight down but I don't think I can. Could you please share your thoughts?
  5. ChingChong

    Clutch use

    Do you actually need to use the clutch when shifting? Some say it's bad not to use it and others say it's fine.